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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Question – Why Japan, Singapore has made stunning progress (become developed nation)?

We all have such questions in our mind and not so clear answers also. Today I am going little bit deeper and tell you exactly who was the force behind and how he has done that. 

Goody goody things are already defined everywhere, like how to be successful, how to build nation, how to boost agriculture etc. There may be some variation region wise, but the matter remain the same. If any nation apply these basic principles, nation will surely progress. Speed of progress may be slow or normal. So what are these goody-goody things (answer to above question).

Control the corruption—Motivate your workforce and make them efficient—Policy defining for gray areas—Planning –Financial control—and many others

Now the problem is, if everything is written there then why there are so many developing countries even after 60 years like us and very few developed countries??? Answer lies in leadership.

Now take Japan for example, most of the times due to some extraordinary leadership with vision, makes above process much much faster. India & Japan got their independence almost at same time. If India got the problem of poverty and literacy, Japan also got severe damage due to world wor 2 and nuclear bombs. So what secret (Parasmani) Japanese got which lead them to be a developed nation?.  

His name is “PHUNSUK YOGOKAVA”- President of JAPAN 1948-1975.

Mr Phunsuk was the man with mission, no ambition. He had seen only one dream, prosper JAPAN in every field, be it infrastructure, education, transport, agriculture, foreign trade, export etc. He has dedicated his life for the nation. Motivated people, fill nationalism into them, made them work, defining policies for each and every sector, remove corruption totally, made people educated.  I can elaborate each field in detail, what actually he had done, but keeping your interest in mind cut short.

Now the turning point, I don’t know anything about Japan except that it is one of the developed nations. I don’t know anything about its president & what he did at early stage. But I do know that there is no alternative other than mentioned above, each developed nation has passed through this stage in the history with one extraordinary leader. Be it Winston churchil, Abraham linkon, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and few more.

Today I have written this article because I have felt exactly above things in last 10 years in Gujarat. All around development across the state. Do I need to take name of that catalyst dignity??. If you have any doubts about that, then read below post to have clear and neutral idea about what was Gujarat before 2001 and what is the current status. 

I have to do this because today’s (sudo)secular media & journos will not show this. My Mother used to tell me one idiom, 

પુન્છદે(tail) થી પકડો તો કહે બાંડો છે, માથે થી પકડો તો કે ખાંડો છે, it perfectly match with out secular media. 

Secularism in India: They have their own excuses for both negative & positive thing (mostly negative) based on their wasted interest. In short vision-less & directionless guy. 

Let me know how many people are agreeing with me or not. 

So the moral of the story: Progress needs leadership with vision, action from not only govt but also from private and public. I have used Japan for the example purpose only.

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