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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One True Scary Incident .........

Hello Friends,
I was reading today’s (Wednesday) GUJARAT SAMACHAR supplement called “ Shatdal Purti”. I seen one big photo of one palace in Santrampur and immediately I remembered scary incident happened with me.  See the photo as below;

Those who can read Gujarati and want detail about this palace can go to this link;

Now the incident:  My father is posted at Santrampur since last 10 years in Govt run civil Hospital as a Superintendent of Civil. I went to santrampur during one of my vacation almost 5-6 years back and stay with my father. 

I have fond of wondering alone at historical, natural places. The palace mentioned above is nearby my father’s hospital, walking distance. Generally palaces are 2 storied or max 3 floor buildings, but this one is massive, more than 4 floors. Very attractive, it is visible from main road. Some 25-30 years back, this building was used as PTC College. Bur after some time it was closed down and shifted to another place, currently some part of this palace has been collapsed and in very bad condition. 

So one good day, I went to this palace in morning time. There are few small houses beneath the palace. My father has given me one reference there, and I went directly to his home. I inquired about the palace and current scenario. They had given me very good information but advised me to not to go there. 

But I decided to go there at least once, I went there from backside. There was platform for elephant, parking place and many other things. On the way to main building,  I was looking upwards for overview, when my eyes got attention towards one small window (just look in to the picture and window), suddenly one old man (around 80s) face come up from inside with lantern in his hands and asked me “what are you doing here” and stared at me for a while. I was so frightened for a while. Within a 15-20 seconds that face disappears.
Immedietely I gave up the idea and went for one another palace which is just 1-2 km away and currently used by RajPariwar. 

Later on, I had asked that nearby family that “is there any chowkidar/guard there in the palace”?. They said it is totally khander now, no one there as of now, but earlier one old man does the same thing.

Still, I don’t believe that the same thing happened to me although I am in constant search of such old buildings and spirits. I do believe that was a real man, no spirit but as per the circumstances and surrounding it was really frightening.

More on this topic: One of my uncles is doing such spirit related things, I have heard so many instances, stories from him, but till date I have not seen or feel any.

I know, many of you will doubt about the incident. I invite them all to visit the same place once. For location details please write to me or comment it out.

My next article will be on “ Whats happening in other states of India”.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indian Media Reengineering …………….A classic case of double standards.

By Himanshu Acharya

Today, I am going to present simple comparisons. You, readers please decide yourself on whom to trust……..Media, Modi or Rahul. This article is especially for those who are blind follower of media. My only request to them is, make at least 2-3 source of information.  
Rahul Gandhi
What Media Says
Narendra Modi
What Media says
He has not done anything significant till date in amethi or at national level
but he is youth icon
He has a list of achievements, agri over 10% consistent, GDP over 11%
Gujarat riot 2002
We don’t know that he is doing for 25 days but touring one state or amethi 5 days
he has done a lot for his constituency
he has not taken single day holiday till date, working 20hrs a day
he has done genocide in 2002
He is repeatedly saying common speech in every state
He has vision
In each and every function, public is dying to hear him
he is Hitler
There is no direct interview, avoid tough questions till date
but he has ability to lead
so many direct interview, on sidhi baat, court etc
he has done pogrom
He is doing stunts by staying with dalit, huts
but he is savior of poor
No stunts at all, only achievements
he is dictator
He has no knowledge about kashmir, agriculture, national problems
But he is Yuvraj
Pure nationalist person, having knowledge about every small problem
He is anti-muslims
Most of the times, he don’t know what he is talking about just like our PM
but he able to lead our country
His speech is full of motivation, information
He has given three days for butchering
His education is controversial
but he is most learned person
There is no single claim by opposition directly on modi till date for any irregularity done by him
He is maut ka saudagar

NAMO: more than 60 national and mostly international awards for Gujarat in last 5-6 years in various fields like agriculture, health, roads, IT, E-gov, Law, BRTS, Jyotigram and many more things.

Friends, I have lot many other things to say about both rahul Gandhi and Narendra modi, but here we are talking about media, especially electronic media. Channels like NDTV , CNN-IBN, aajtak and many others are repeatedly using above words in their secular programs.
  • Whenever there is debate, they will force Gujarat 2002. They will keep inviting Teesta Setlwad as a secular guy who has been scolded by supreme court and Gujarat High Court for false theories and witnesses.
  • People like Rajdeep Sardesai, Burkha dutt and many others has been promoted or got national awards like padama shree for their Gujarat Bashing services since 2002.
  • Whenever any issue related state Govt, just observe their attitude by comparing BJP ruled states and congress ruled states.
  • There are n number of examples, but still our clueless, directionless youth is looking at Rahul only instead of Modi or any other, just because of this media.
If anybody wants more information, kindly contact me. I will write one more article regarding whats happening in other state in near future.

Look at this picture:

References:  --- President Janata Party Mr Subramaniyam on education of Rahul Gandhi with proofs. He has played active role in ramsethu case against Central govt and many other cases against govt.        -- read here all news channels reporting and their clear bias with proof.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Gujarat unknown tourist places II - Hot water spring, bird sanctuary and many more

By Himanshu Acharya

Hello friends,

In my last post on the same topic, I had covered Sundhamata, zanzari, rupal, balaram, delwada, galteshwar. Link is as below;

Now I am going to cover Tua & Timba, Mangadh, Untadia Mahadev, Nal Sarovar. 
Tua & Timba:  Here you will find  Hot water sulphuric springs, kund  believed to have a miraculous cure for arthritis and rheumatism and footprint of Bhim (one of the Pandavas). This place is on the Ahmedabad-Godhra highway, just before the godhra 15-20 km away. You have to take right turn when you see signboard of Timba village.  It is almost 80-90 km from Ahmedabad. You can easily bath here in hot water. Dense forest area is starting from here. 

Mangadh hills: One more place near to Godhra. This place is towards santrampur direction. It is on the border of Gujarat with Rajashthan. It is famous for its hills, palace and one unknown history. We all know Jaliyawala Hatyakand, but during British Rule bigger than Jalianwala tragedy happned here. There is one temple and smarak for shahids there. Annual adivasis (tribal) fair is organized there with folk dance and many more.  It’s a pious place of faith for tribals of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhyapradesh for Guru Govindsinh. The entire area is gifted with beautiful hills surrounded by scattered forests. Backwaters of Kadana dam are very near to this area. Have a look at picture and video.



Untadia Mahadev:  This place is famous for Shiv temple called Untadia ( camel) mahadev. There is a Triveni-sangam of rivers at this place and good place to take bath in river. There is camel ride available there. There is one small temple exactly between the river. It is worth to watch it once. Surrounding are is very good.  If you are a old fort lover guy,  you will find many within 5-10 km area. One is Antasumba.
This place is on the way to dehgam to Kapadvanj. Dehgam is some 22 km from Ahmedabad and Untadia is another 20km from dehgam.


Nalsarovar : This one is my charm and I think many of us. It is about 50-60 Km from Ahmedabad towards Sanand. Take left turn from sanand and within 25-30Km, you will be there in the mini sea.  You can consider it big lake (only 182 sq km) , a bird sanctuary, outing place (horse ride, boat ride, rural food) etc. There are about 300 species of birds. From December to the end of March tourists flock to, this 182 sq km lake with 360 islands to see the pelicans, flemingos, various species of ducks, white cranes, herons, evomets, long-beaked curlews and other birds. At mornings and evenings, it is an added pleasure to watch the birds from boats. During full-moons and starry nights, the beauty of the lake robs the onlookers of their sleep.
You can search easily about this place and photos. 

Just go there and take a horse ride, take a 1 hour boat ride in 5-6 feet water and finally eat Rotla-bhadthu with red chutney and pure butter at hats accompanying with buffalos. 

Reply back if you require more details. 
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Please decide is it Good or Bad? Is the multiplex, multiplexing the bridge between us?

I just came to know about one true incident. It happened currently in mumbai, but very soon it will spread across my India, because the foreign made new medicines takes years to come India, but foreign made disease like Gay law, live in relationship, freedom, secularism tag etc comes very fast to India.

Now the incident.

“There is one family residing in one 2BHK old flat in Ghatkopar area of Mumbai. House condition is normal, retired grand father & mother, husband & wife and one loving small daughter. There is as usual normal-tense atmosphere in the house between wife and mother in law.
Now one good day whole family decides to go for movie in theater. Now Husband wants to watch “Rocketsigh”, a Wife wants “Three Idiots” and Oldies (in laws) want to watch “PAA”. There was a long discussion, but everyone firm on their stand. I don’t whether there was quarrel or not but there was a hot discussion.
Finally they all went together with smiling face to nearby Multiplex, each bought individual ticket for their liking movie and wife goes to screen 1 for “three idiot”, husband goes for “rocket singh” and oldies go for “PAA” “

So I got confused after hearing this true incident, is it good for our society, our culture OR I should not think much about others OR I should concentrate on my family, so that such situation not arise in my own family.

What is your opinion ??????????

Monday, September 6, 2010

Teacher's Day live .............from town hall, Gandhinagar (qna with Modi)

04/09/2010. By Himanshu Acharya

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to narrate my experience of visiting Gujarat Govt Official Teacher’s Day Celebration at Townhall, Gandhinagar. As I am basically from Gandhinagar itself, kindly bear some old memories of mine. You will read here how was the audinace, ambiance,  small events which made big impacts, all 26 question and answers in detail word by word, and some personal observations. I am sure you will enjoy a lot, kindly write your comment at the end.
So, this time Teacher’s day comes on Sunday (5th Sep), so at last moment Govt decided to organize the same on 4th Sep (Saturday). There were some quick rearrangements, but everything was fine, you could not judge last moment change.
Agenda of the Program
Official (ઔપચરિક): Inauguration speech by Education Minister, Governor, Chief Minister, To honor best teachers-principals, closing.
Unofficial (અનૌપચરિક) : Question and answer by 26 students (district wise), some other felicitation of teaching word experts, guidelines defining and other.
There was a jam-packed town hall, official time was 10:00 AM, I was there by sharp 9:45, it was already pack but I secured one seat anyhow. But within 5-10 min situation is like that, people seat on the steps, many are standing in corners and some of them standing outside the hall where there was arrangement of big screen. There were mostly teachers, aged persons, visitors like me and students of surrounding schools.
I write last sentence specifically because I remember that, during my school days we were forced to attend such function to show the presence in the hall, very few outsiders and typical half an hour to one hour program. Current function is totally different in that sense. You can say there are 50% teachers, 30% outsiders, 20% student.
Some quick highlights of the program.
  • Time written in newspaper was 10:00 AM and it started at 10.30AM, which is quite normal, as everyone settled down and there will be no chaos when guest comes. Please don’t criticize at this point.
  • There was a continuous very good music going on by teachers themselves. There was a group which sung some very good and known Gujarati cultural songs, Rashtriya songs, and finally Balgits (children songs). They all are teachers from various parts of Gujarat, indeed there was a very good cooperation between them. Two singer, one table guy, one piono guy. They have maintained their rhythm till the Guest comes.
  • Education department has made arrangement to send individual photograph of teachers to their address who are going to be honored. They had announced the same so that their relatives don’t rush to front of stage when they are honored by Modiji or Kamlaji.
  • Modiji  arrived first and got standing ovation, immediately Kamlaji (Our Governor) arrived and they both went to our first president Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s statue. Modi has taken out his sandal first and then made vandana to statue.
  • Now Govt has decided to greet each guest with book instead of bouquet (બુકે નહિ બુક) during current “Vanche Gujarat” drive, so all four ministers and Governor greeted with book.
  • There were total 7 person on stage, 4 minister (including modiji), 2 govt official and a Governor.
  • There were agenda of program put on the table in front of each individual on stage, but only modi has gone through for 2-3 minutes of that agenda file. Our Governor followed the same after 2 min, but it was clearly formality for few seconds.
  • This program was broadcasted live to all the Govt, granted schools across the state through BISAG studio ( almost 1.5 crore student across state), also it was webcasted online also.
  • Education minister mentioned some key points where like India first and some real achievements like, dropout ratio down to 2.9% from 36% due to Kanya Kelvani and Shala Praveshotsav since last 8 years.
  • Vidhyasahayak’s online enrollment and allotment through centralized, online system within 27 days
  • They have made at least one science stream school and college within each Taluka, including tribal and coastal areas.
  • They have honored around 30 teachers and principal, not in typical style with only name and school name, but they announce individual achievements when they are accepting Shawl and very good prashasti-patra (letter). Their achievements includes tree plantation, ras-garba, scout activity,science exhibition, youth activities, school building, library work, sports and many more things.
  • Modi has mentioned in his speech that Chanakaya the great loves to be identified as “TEACHER” only, and this parampara continued to Dr. Radhakrishnan who also want to be identified as teacher only though he has got highest post.
  • Modi has mentioned that this program is unique in its nature as all the school boys and girls see his teacher to be honored live thorugh BISAG and webcast. He wished that this system replicates within India so that teacher and students both got moral boost.
  • Gujarat is first in India which has taken insurance of each and every student from std 1st to graduate or post graduate level.
  • He has emphasized more to implement mid day meal scheme under direct supervision of Teachers of individual schools, so that maximum children got benefitted.
  • He has narrated one incident during last Gunotsav (2009), where one lady teacher cried during Modi’s visit to school, she thinks that there is something missing in themselves so that modi needs to come to school personally (અમારામાં જ કૈક કચાશ રહી છે જેથી તમારે પોતે અહી આવવું પડ્યું). Now some teachers work on Sunday also with own interest.
  • He wished to extend Gunotsav to District and Taluka level. He want every children to take part in coming KHEL-KUMBH so that they can be physically fit.
  • KAMLAJI- our Governor gave importance go woman and elder education, educate sarpanch(specially woman)

On this occasion he launched one website which teste your genera knowledge about Gujarat. There are 5000 questions on that website in different section, levels so that student as well elders can also participate. It is called GQ test. Please visit below link and participate.
He has also inaugurated almost 2650 website on various trades through Gujarat Technological University.
Modi’s speech was full of new ideas and fact-figures of already implemented ideas, while Kamlaji’s speech was typical one where she emphasized on typical problems with no clear ideas. Main differences was
Modi: We have done this and that, we have to work on this particular idea, learning should be there in teaching, talks about future and solutions. Definite vision and solution.
Kamlaji: These are the problems, in these much areas, we have to eliminate this, we have to work upon it, talks about past and problems, no solution and vision
Kamlaji left after honoring session. There was police band during both the time and our national anthem was sung when she arrives and leaves. I have interacted with many teachers, and they all in single voice said that there is a lot of change during last few years. Most of them feel motivated and satisfied.
In next session, modi has done live interaction in the form of question answer with 26 children (district wise). I have noted down each and every question and answer. I will post the same in next post, keep replying. It was the best part as some are direct questions like how you manage your time, how you remember long speech and figures without paper and many more.
Main thing of whole program was, there was totally out of box thinking, all teachers have listened very well and seriously. Even if they implement or even think over it, students will definitely going to be benefitted.

Thanks for reading up to this line. I do hope that you enjoy this and spread it further.

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