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Sunday, October 31, 2010

What is your aim, fame or Social cause


Charity or social cause can be made for:
  • Money
  • Fame
  • Social cause, personal belief/interest

 There are so many ways to do it:
  • You can do that by simply spreading the useful information to all (specially youth), 
  • making common people aware about possibilities, 
  • by supporting any same NGO-person, 
  • by starting one itself……………………………..

And finally what will the moral, target for doing the same:
  • Uplifment of all
  • maximum employment generation with maximum joy
  • To serve the needy people
  • for our culture
  • For our beliefs

Let me clarify my stand first, I have money at third place only, everyone has desire of fame but I will surely keep my eye on Social cause before fame. Currently I am doing information spreading and awareness campaign but will surely go for giant step once I got enough backup (before my 40 years, I will definitely not tell anyone at my sixties  that I really missed doing that during my forties,fifties…….).  I have already declared that whatever the earning from adsense on this blog I will get, I will donate it. Now lets take it by examples and scenarios. 

Scenario 1: We have some goody, goody unique (it might be not) thoughts, we plan to implement in near future with support of govt, ngo, friends and take rest.

Scenario 2: We have small plan for social cause and we start working on that practically without any help of others, thinking that others will join in future once they like

Scenario 3: We have plan, we go to 2-3 NGO, donors, showing them plan and once we got big  donation and we got started.

Now based on personal experiences, I will analyze all three scenarios.

Scenario 1: These people are mostly in search of fame, they will surely not do anything else thinking & planning. They will keep telling ideas to their friends and on internet, but will not do anything till the end.
I have seen so many people at the age of 60 saying that I had thought about this and that but have not done anything, now I want to do that.

Example: many highly educated senior citizens, jago re

Scenario 2: This kind of people are doing the things for real social cause, information spreading and make people people aware. There is no hidden or mean motive in this. So this kind of people will start immediately without much thinking whatever they can do with their money & experience. These people will face lots of hurdle and lots of friends on road, but ultimately they will be lonely only. 

See this example.

Scenario 3: This kind of people are doing the social work for their own profit (money), they work a little and show more than that. Fancy presentations and websites, but poor at heart. These people will surely got success initially, but it might be not long-term, short-term only.

e.g most of the NGOs, CSR,

So what one should do, according to me whatever you do for charity, social cause purpose it in one direction. So that your whole community, society OR village can be uplifted. I have written one article about the same, you can read it here. It got high voltage debate cum discussion on that thread.

But go for maximum employment with maximum joy and in one direction.

For you information read frustration of one guy, who is falling in scenario 2 and got very good response also, but he got nothing from so called NGOs, political persons and many more such person. Read it here

I have also so many plans for social work, but I will surely do that first and then only will show.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Entrepreneurship continues.........................

Entrepreneur is totally different trait of the businessman. They are basically learners from every corner of the life. 

Main thing is that they don’t have money at the center point like businessman, they don’t have stability at the center point like hawkers, street vendors & shop owners.

They have their own set of goal predefined mostly raging in maximum employment generation – fame –social cause etc. So what they are doing to achieve the same, because path is almost same like any common businessman. It is they are learning from each and everyone. They will learn

  • How to start any business without over preparation and planning FROM street vegetable sellers and seasonal traders. (they will not learn that these people are at the same level for their lifetime)
  • How to grow business extensively within short time period FROM ambanis and tatas
  • How to integrate social work with business FROM NGO and trusts
  • How to integrate technology with the business and update it time to time FROM experts in the fields.

So if you are not observing the same thing, start learning/observing. Give your thoughts on this.

Gujarat travel and torism 5 -- Black buck (kaliyar) and Dhuvaran

click for more detailsor see the latest post of this blog about upcoming trekking program and family program


In this travel and tourism series of Gujarat, we have covered so many places till date. In current post, I am going to cover VelaVadar KALIYAR (deer) sanctuary near Bhavnagar and Dhuvaran.

velavadar kaliyar (black buck) sanctuary: 
It is the sactuary for rare Kaliyars, deer looking animal with best horn on their head. If you are lucky enough you can see the same from the main highway (Ahmedabad-bhavnagar) else you have to go deeper in the mini forest like area. But this animal is worth to watch once on free run.
Friends, believe me I had seen one totally WHITE kaliyar in the plain fields during my last visit to Bhavnagar some 5-6 years ago. Me and my friend was on scooter and followed this group for some time, but whenever we approach them 2-3 steps, they step back 4-5 steps (did not run). We did that for 2-3 times and later on they run away and disappeared in forest like area.

This place is on route to Ahmedabad-Bhavnagar (vataman cross road route). After 30-35 km from Vataman cross road towards Bhavnagar, this area starts. Don’t miss to see LOTHAL (ancient site like Dholavira), which is nearby to Vataman cross road. You can plan one day trip for this Kaliyar and Lothal. 

This place is actually thermal power station for Gujarat Government, but it is located on bay of cambay, which is charm to see. Sea shore is not like goa, mumbai, but place is awesome. There is one temple called “DOSLI MATA MANDIR” on the bank of this beach, which is now developed beautifully. During the high tide water flows directly in to this temple steps and sometimes into temple itself, while during normal days you have to step down some 15-20 steps to reach the water level, which is almost dried during normal days. The picture is like “C” shape.

This place is some 100Km from Ahmedabad near Khambhat (cambay).


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jaisalmer Desert trekking november-2010


Amazing trek at Jaisalmer for whole 5 days. Experience the amazing trekking, desert safari, folk dance, camp-fire in  desert and many more. 12 to 17nov@3K only from Youth Hostel of India.

For more details see here................

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Presentation on "Oraganic Farming in India"


Have a  look at the presenation on oraganic farming methods, myths, examples and many more.

Organic Farming Presentation                                                            

Dont forget to share your views by comments.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gujarat Navratri report 2010 -- Vibrant Gujarat Vibrant Navratri Vibrant People

Short link:

With the God’s grace, in this navaratri 8th oct to 16 oct, I have seen:
  • Garba at AMBAJI chachar chowk.
  • Garba at my home town Gandhinagar
  • Garba at Ahmedabad’s VIBRANT Gujarat’s Vibrant Navratri
  • Garba at traditional Gujarat village called Tarapur (sheri Garba ) with new thing
  • Garba at holy place called DAKOR ( Lord Krishna). Eaten 56 bhog thali (dish) from krishna temple

So during nine days of Navratri, I have visited five distinct places across Gujarat, which served my purpose to shift to my Love Gujarat from worst Mumbai. Now if you love traditions, culture and Garba, you will sure love further reading, else you may wait for next post on other topic. I will write on entrepreneurship, organic farming, NAMO, interviews of secular and many other topics in coming post, so stay tuned.

Now to narrate my nine days:

This whole navaratri celebration is about to please goddess Amba,durga,kali (all are same). Main spot is AMBAJI (Amba mata, ambe gauri etc). It was a divine pleasure to be at Ambaji during Navratri. While Amdavad is as usual vibrant (more than 1L visitors per day). And finally Dakor, where I had seen such a good traditional Garba and that too on the bank of holy GOMTI lake (good combination). Now We will take each place in detail in two parts. Taking Ambaji, Amdavad first


This place is one of the shaktipith of goddess and very famous in Gujarat, Rajashthan. It is very hard to find place for living during Navratri specially after five days of Navratri. Main temple has been developed very very well in recent years, the Main entrance, security, other arrangements, darshan, Prasad etc. You will surely not complain about the facilities now a day in any pilgrimage across Gujarat. 

If you go from Ahmedabad, take Visnagar route, it is shortest one than himmatnagar. Road condition is excellent. Here some snaps of Ambaji; don’t forget to visit Mansarovar Kund in Ambaji. Govt authority is developing shaktipith van (forest) and parikrama path arounf Gabbar. I have talked with local guys, shop owners, and all have to say one common thing that in recent years Ambaji developed a lot and within 4-5 years, you will see totally new ambaji. 

 People were playing garba in the front of maint temple whole night, in long trek (almost 30min/round). One imp thing, go to back gate (exactly behind the mandir). IF you are brahmin, you can make direct entry to the temple, just be in pitamber and show your janoi

Ahmedabad (amdavad):
Here ronak of Navratri was slightly come down, because of ban on Party plots, but Govt organized Vibrant Navaratri was alone enough to counter that. I have already written detailed article about the same in
Now, good thing was that almost each and every society, mandal’s have organized sheri garba’s across Ahmedabad. They all were start only after 12. Officially there is a rule to play loudspeakers until 12, but here and almost across Gujarat Garba starts at 12. There was no single case of resistance from single person, NGOs, Secular guys unlike Mumbai & Delhi. Roads were full of colorfull dresses moving, ladies in traditional cholis, traffic jam around University ground (vibrant navaratri location). Here are some snaps

I will cover Gandhinagar cultural forum and DAkor in next post. Please don’t stop yourself to write a comment and also if possible click on Google ads, I am going to donate the earnings from adsense to mentally retired people and Panjrapol (shelter for holy cows) as mentioned at top right corner.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Gujarat is so Vibrant, report of Vibrant Navaratri by Gujarat Govt.

 short link for this post:
For Online live telecast visit :

Yesterday I had gone to see Vibrant Navaratri organized by Gujarat Government. Some key points first:
  •         This govt event has been organized since last few years only (almost 2004). Initially it started from Gandhinagar and now held in Ahmedabad since last 2-3 years.
  •         This is not only Garba event; it consists of food court, handloom expo, adventure sports, kids entertainment and Gujarat documentary in special shows.
  •   This event is addition to that Independence, 26th jan parade, and 1 st May program that has been now celebrated to different districts.
  •        It is organized based on PPP model, no entrance fees, almost all the expenditure borne by GINFS society created by top Gujarat based industries.

Now highlights of yesterday’s visit:

  • ·        It is such a big ground, almost 2-3 football ground and every part of this ground is occupied for the event.
  • ·        There were almost more than 50,000 people (my prediction is nearly 75K) in the event, scattered over different podiums.
  • ·        There were nearly thousand traditional garba players playing on the trek which is almost 1Km long.
  • ·        There was also provision for non-traditional players outside the main trek, where so many people playing in individual groups.
  • ·        Ample Audio and Video arrangement with big screens all around the venue.
  • ·        There were theme based pavilions, like Ambaji, Somnath mandir, Ram mandir, Gujarat’s 1000 year story and many more.
  • ·        Kids and young boys were busy in playing games like cycling, trekking on rock mountain, waterball, rolling ball and many more things
  • ·        One totally new stage was made specially to promote our talent through Gujarat Yuva and Sanskrutik Department, where continues program of small traditional garbs, natak lok-dayro played.
  • ·        College students were involved in adventure sports management on nominal fees.
  • ·        There were so many local Gujarat made handicraft stalls where you can find dresses, gift items, some innovative products, mittikool and many more things.

Now some quick bites for this Vibrant event:

  • ·        This event has been visited by 14 ambassadors on special invitation by Gujarat Government and they all felt extraordinary after visiting the site.
  • ·        This event is going on till 16th oct. Closing time is 12M, due to this event almost everywhere in western Ahmedabad including private party plots, garba starts after 12 only. This is really a big thing.
  • ·        I still remember during Gandhinagar Vibrant event, there were more than 5k audience during practice sessions. During actual event people
  • ·        Security arrangements and medical arrangement can be visible there.

Now main thing, I have taken some snaps but could not upload it here because of low quality. I will surely upload whenever I got next chance.

Breaking news for secular media:  Modi has created special RAM JANAMBHOOMI model there, with mandir built and location map with ram rasoi, sita kund and many more. 

Please don’t stop yourself to write a comment and also if possible click on Google ads, I am going to donate the earnings from adsense to mentally retired people and Panjrapol (shelter for holy cows) as mentioned at top right corner. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Interview of paid national news channel’s reporter from Bengaluru.

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Hello Friends,

Today I am going to take interview of same breed secular news channel’s reporter at Bangaloru location.  This time matter is not being secular but being paid news. This is about loyalty to payee, twisting the facts and hiding the facts. 

They have sent the reporter at Bangalore, but restrained them for reporting. I got chance to interact one such reporter who was doing time pass near assembly. You might have seen reaction from kumaraswamy and congress leader more during their reporting.

One quick bite:

**I got one more information from one south based blog that Ottavio Quattrochi has deputed his son Massimo Quttrochi to meet Deve gowDa and his son, in a benrgalaru five star hotel, to finance and discuss the strategy to topple the BJP gov. Quattrochi’s son has setup his own export-import company in bangalaru during congress regime**

Now  the interview;
Q 1: Why are standing outside the Assembly?
A 1: We are instructed not to cover much about assembly; we have to cover only HDK and congress leader’s reactions. Rest of the things will be done by our central studio like arranging debate with political and secular analysts.

Q 2: You already know that BJP will win, what will you do afterwards?
A 2: yes, we do know that through puppet speaker BJP will prove its majority anyhow, but we have prepared more than that.
1)      Our hon’ble independent Governor will report to Hon’ble highly intelligent President that your(president) rule is the only option (later on, after six month we will parade 120 MLA of Congress-JD and rule the Karnataka for remaining 2 years)
2)      If BJP accept the Governor decision without much uproar (what they are doing till date), we will immediately install congress-JD Govt.
3)      There are so many other options based on BJP’s ire, there is Election Commission, there is High court and above all President. So you within a short time period you will see Congress Govt.

Q 3: So what preparations you will need to do for all above options?
A 3: See, we have already started spreading some key facts, history into common people’s mind, like;
  • There is a crisis in BJP within and Karnataka
  • There is a very large scale corruption during Yeddi’s rule.
  • President rule cant be ignored in such condition.
  • BJP is using Speaker post to save its Govt
  • Governor is aged and experienced and will take right decision
  • We will not give much preference to Karnataka news during the day, but we will debate the same in our secular shows.
In short, we believe in giving more than expected to our clients, we will please them in every possible way.

Q 4: Why you people keep saying that Speaker is BJP guy, hiding fact that Bhardwaj is Congress agent?
A 4: It is a part of strategy mentioned above. We can’t disclose much. We do know that officially both posts are neutral one.

After this short discussion, MLA’s start flowing from Assembly hall, and he has to rush to grab HDK. Please give your comments about the same.

Please don’t stop yourself to write a comment and also if possible click on Google ads, I am going to donate the earnings from adsense to mentally retired people and Panjrapol (shelter for holy cows) as mentioned at top right corner. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Construction work report of Mahatma Mandir--------Next Gujarat Vibrant summit 2011 location

Latest update at the bottom

Hi Friends,
You all have heard recently about “Statue of Unity” project from Gujarat Government. This will be giant statue of Hon’ble Shri SARDAR VALABHBHAI PATEL”, 182 Mt tall (almost 60 floor building) near Sardar Sarovar Dem site.

But here I am talking about project declared by Govt of Gujarat previous to “Statue of Unity”. This is a “MAHATMA MANDIR”,Gandhinagat project which was announced during last year. This will be not only temple, but going to be a tourist place, giant auditorium, life darshan and many more. Though this project was announced last year only, construction work is going on in full pace.

Narendra Modi has announced that this is his dream project and next Vibrant Gujarat Summit (Jan-2011) will going to take place at the same “Mahatma Mandir”.

So here I am putting some snaps, taken early morning today to get idea of progress. There is only two month left (Nov-Dec) for the event as Vibrant Gujarat is scheduled in January-2011. It seems that construction work is little bit difficult within two months but I do have faith Modi led Gujarat Govt unlike Sheela dixit & central Govt’s CWG mess. Vibrant Gujarat will surely going to take place from this “Mahatma Mandir” only whatever the current situation. 

I have seen almost more than 500 hundred workers going to construction site early morning, there were so many at the site already. Work has been taken up by L & T and Govt has provided all the required support for early completion. Some roads have been blocked, temporary residence provided to thousand of worker near the site and many more.

See here for full project profile of Mahatma Mandir:

 And for Vibrant Gujarat event till date:

Over and out from Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar

 Latest UPDATES:
*** I have visited the same site today (06/12/2010) Sunday, there was lots of activities going on the site and whole area. Situation is not much positive, but still have confidence in Gujarat Govt. Road condition was not so good, but work was going on in full swing. Construction work is not yet completed, so that they have started painting and other thing simultaneously from the bottom. *** I feel that they could choose newly built Gujarat University Exihibition center, Manav Mandir, why they have taken risk??? By doing that they could have showcased BRTS also. What you have to say ????????

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Know your Nation, know you state. Liquor, laziness & free things combine with secularism

Hi Friends,

Now a days, nationalism is declining, liqueour consumption goes up, laziness in people is also high due to nature of govt giving everything free. Just look at AP, they got more than 5000 crore as liquor sales revenue and they give free light, free rice and free trip to Jerusalem and many more free things to aam aadmi. Just think yourself where our nation is going.

Look here, we have taken stock of all critical states, what’s going on.

Jammu & Kashmir:
After 20 years, there is no 26th Jan 2010 flag hosting in LAL CHAWK, SRINAGAR. It is called AMAN ki ASHA & return of normalcy in eyes of secular. You all know about situation of Pandits & mandirs in Kashmir. Now latest one Omar Abdullah himself iterated that JK is not part of India.

last year 45 people died in lattha kand, but all secular brigade want to blame modi only. There is severe water, light, accident, ladies related crimes problem in Delhi, but every secular brigade is behind Saurabudin Case & Ishrat Jahan case only. There is no chance for commonwealth games on time but Shila and Kalmadi keep saying ALL IS WELL.

UP: Mayawati is busy in erecting elephants & her similar statues, now condition is like that UP govt has to take frequent overdrafts for salaries. All development work is at halt, but secular brigade is busy in AMAR SINGH and RAHUL gadhi’s visit in dalit huts.

WB: After continuous 40 years of rule still we have to see nandigram and lalgadh scenarios. It itself speaks how communist have bady rule WB. But our secular brigade shows only documentaries on Basu, but they will not show Nandigram or Lalgadh same like Guj riot 2002. They will don’t blame WB govt for TATA NANO case, but they will surely blame Guj Govt for Asharam case, Hooch tragedy.

AP: YSR had created/renovated number of churches by money gathered from Temple trusts, official government orders are there for the same, they even went for 4% Muslim reservation in JOB which has been stopped by High Court twice. We are reputedly sending GUJCOCK and in future compulsory Voting bills to central govt and this secular brigade cong govt will repeatedly sending such Muslim/Christian appeasement bills. In another case AP govt has subsidies Bethlehem/Jerusalem trip for Christian , which again High court has stopped. They had also appointed Christian person in Tirupati Board and JAMAI of YSR is number one evangelist in the south region, who enjoys conversion functions at Govt expenses—–but no secular brigade will show you this.

TN : Karunanidhi distributes colour TV and get back into the power, next time they will give some more freebies. His son Maran, RAJA , AZAgiri all are doing BAPS of SCAMS but no secular brigade will show that. JP had already written about AZAGIRI in deshgujarat previously. DMK has openly opposed RAM & RAMSETHU, they bent hard to destroy SETHU.

Actually this is the main difference between south politicians, people and Gujarati people and MODI——they believe in freebies and we believe in hard work and moral ethics. They got 1000s of crores per year as liquor tax and spend this to giving free power, TVs, rice, wheat…………………….they made aaam aadmi more and more lazy and kamchor and motivate them to become liquor drinker while in Gujarat Modi takes light bills from farmers and give them Krishi mahotsav, soil heath cards, APMCs, roads and many more.

Kerala: Here again communists has made mess, they appease muslims by creating separate company which gives interest free loan to muslims only and this company reports to shariat board not to Govt —-height of secularism. But again High courts has stayed the same. Kerala is now become dangerous place for Hindus as there is more and more clashes between RSS workers and communists there. Love Jihad is originated from Kerala in which more than 3000 Hindu girls converted in Muslims till date. Big names in terrorism is caught from kerala only because in kerala such people are at High Government positions now.

There are many more such things, but now it is need of the hour, how to show it to common man who watches IndiaTV, NDTV, STARNEWS more for Jyotish, TV shows reviews and less for news. We all know what is going on; some of us have solution also, but thinks who cares, it might be insufficient. One such example is website, which worked well during some months but later become inactive. We really have to think some long-lasting solution against current situation. Let’s together do something.

Greatest motivational sppech ever from person who has imple every single word


Hear the greatest motivation speech ever. This speech will not only let you hear it for whole 30 mins, but inspire you about success. This speech was given to three day workshop of  50+ IAS, IPS, IES officials and they clap every 5-10 minutes. There was a pure affection in their clapping nothing else.

Let me know your reactions in comments, only constraint is that this speech is in Gujarati. Get any Gujju friend in your office and then reply back. It is a must listen thing for entrepreneur, businessman. Main thing is that this man not only says, but implement it and that also successfully.

You can download it from here:

There is immense effect of his motivation speech, there are n numbers of examples for the same. DDO, District Collectors had implemented so many schemes, new schemes after attending this.

India Needs Narendra Modi

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gujarat Tourist places III- For bird watcher, ancient place lover and outing place near ahmedabad


by Himanshu Acharya

Hi Friends, 

Today I am going to talk about Vijanagar, Pariej lake and Kanewal lake. I  very good number of visitors but almost no one in interested in further inquiry or giving more information through mail or comments.
Now keeping our pace with the post starting with vijaynagar.

Vijayanagar: It is famous for its centuries old structures, mandirs. Which are now in bad shape but still it attracts. Process for putting Vijayanagar structures into world heritage list was going on, I don’t know about its current status, but whatever it may, place is worth to visit. There is not only old mandirs, but also green lush jungle, rivers and checkdams. Best time for visit is Aug – Jan. It is like treasure hunt trip, the places, surroundings, narrow roads, sounds of animals and birds. You will found so many places for halt in between.
I have few relatives there and they have told me many stories about the same places, which is beyond our belief. This place is around 150Km away from Ahmedabad. Take ambaji route through Himmatnagar and turn right from Khedbrahma or Ider. Some photos

Link for more information:

Parieej Lake:  This place is heaven for bird watchers. This is actually a bird sanctuary. It is on the way to Kheda-Khambhat. Some 60 km away from Ahmedabad, good outing place. Recently tourism department has made some very good facilities like watch tower, sand dunes, resting facility, garden and road. They are also planning for boat ride in the lake and lake is very very big. There are some hidden places also for birds.
Best thing is lake is somehow 200 meters from the main road, but you will lots of foreigner and local birds beside the road also. This time Govt has made sand dunes for their resting. You will get actual idea once you visit the place.
I have already posted some photos of Saras Crane birds from this place only. If you like to watch saras bird, you will find it here 100%. Some photos.

Also visit this link for more info     
Kanewal lake: It is somehow 80 Km away from Ahmedabad, near to Tarapur (14KM). This is one more lake near to Parieej lake. It is the place where professional bird watcher goes in early morning. Now here also govt has made some good facilities, small garden, toilet, steps and many more. Here water is so clean that you can see the bottom very easily and there is only one boat man there.
I have talked with him, and he arranges not only boat ride, but lunch also with rotla and bhadtu. It is also one of good place. On the way to this place, you will see rice & wheat fields everywhere. Just look at these photos.


Friends, for bird watching time till 10 AM is best suit or evening time. Please give your comments for further information or for any query. I can be reached at


Interview of most secular Indian news channel’s ultra secular reporter on Ayodhya verdict

By Himanshu Acharya

Here is the interview of one frustrated reporter, who went to Ayodhya day before the judgment (30/10/10). He and his news channel have presumed that Secular High Court will deliver ultra secular judgment. That’s why they have made environment that whatever HC judges deliver, accept it since last seven days. So what were their presumptions;
  •    Ram idols will be immediately shifted
  •    Land belongs to Dear muslims only, no one else as they are ruling there for centauries
  •    Ram is imaginary creature.  
Now, after the not so exciting, neutral, totally reverse to their assumption judgment by the judges, he and his superiors stumbled totally. I have taken interview of one such reporter (there are so many like this) to dig his feelings.
Q 1: Is this is a secular judgment?
A 1: Of course not. It is clear cut biased judgment.  In a democratic country like India, where Muslims have equal and somehow more right to leave, as they are poor minority, it is totally unsecular,undemocratic, unsocial.

Q 2: What arrangements you and your channel have made in the studio?
A 2: We had made ample arrangements, like;

  • We has prepared a set without Ram idols and grand Masjid at background and created environment like real Ayodhya.
  • We had already booked most secular persons for the Hot discussion(penal) which includes Shri Teesta Setlwad, Hon’ble Javed Akhtar, Shri Manu Singhvi and many more (we got so many such people freely), some muslim lawyers for analysis the judgment in detail.
  • We had also prepared a list of other places like Ayodhya where we have a chance to build musjid.
  • We had our special correspondents at BJP and RSS headquarter to make people see empty houses after judgment.
  • We also had planning to relate this verdict with Gujarat 2002 and prosecute Narendra Modi for the same.
There are few more which I can’t tell in detail. 

Q 3: Is this verdict will be challenged in the Supreme Court?
A 3: Yes, definitely there is no doubt about it. Even if that muslim waqqqf board backtracks (like samjauta, direct talk), we will provoke them to go Supreme Court, after all we also have some social responsibility. We have lost this time but we will surely win in SC, because we have some secret plans to inject secularism dose into SC Judges. This time these two judges are fundamentally strong. You will see this next time

Q 4: What kind of Breaking news headlines you had prepared?
A 4: Now you come to my favorite topic, My channel has given me this special task some 15 days ahead and I have prepared so many good punch lines, like;
  •         “Slap on BJP,RSS and Hindu Extreminists”
  •         “It is the WIN of the Secular thoughts”
  •         “High Court has given verdict for the Century”
  •         "There is total silence at the BJP and RSS headquarte"
  •         "Sewaiyas, Biryani has been distributed all over India"
  •         "There is Ramzan like atmosphere all over India"
  •         "Door open to prosecute Narendra Modi in Secular India"
There are few more which I don’t want to disclose.

Q 5: Now when the verdict is about, what will you do to show your channel as a secular?
A 5: We have backup plan prepared, but we have not expected it. Now we will try to do following things so that our minority members hurt minimum, and majority will enjoy minimum.
  •         We will not directly go against this judgment, but we will surely project this judgment as judgment given by local Panchayat.
  •         We will also show public the real face of two judges.
  •         We will constantly tell our secular fans to go for Supreme Court
  •         We will invite BJP spokes person for panel discussion but will not give more chance to speak.
  •         We will repeatedly tell OUR hindu fans to restrain from celebration.
  •         Importantly, we will not take this news longer than week, and try our level best that fool Indian people forget about the same.

Q 6: According to you what should be the criteria for Panel of Judges for such judgment?
A 6: Actually, it is not at all accepted to have 3 judges in a panel and that toooo, two hindu judges. There should be minimum 4 or 6 (in even numbers) judges in bench. Best suite is 4, because 2 muslim judge, 1 hindu judge and 1 secular judge OR 1 hindu, 1 muslim and 2 secular (result will be same). Do it (my advise to center) and you will surely have the most balanced secular judgment whenever needed.

Q 7: So you think being a secular Law can also be juggled?
A 7: It is not jugglery; it is about sympathy, love towards minority. And yes if CBI, Police, Election Commission, Commonwealth can be tweaked why not this………..I will not disclose much on this, because it is against our commitment, journalism spirit, ethics (ha ha ha ha ha). We can not speak anything against our financers and sponsors.Even if we speak, we will carry that news in off peak hour and that also for a while.

So friends, after giving answers to these 7 questions, my dear secular friend run away, because official judgment copy arrives. I will surely catch him again if you readers are interested.

Please comment out your view. I would like to hear more secular information from readers.

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