You are welcome

You are welcome

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What is your aim, fame or Social cause


Charity or social cause can be made for:
  • Money
  • Fame
  • Social cause, personal belief/interest

 There are so many ways to do it:
  • You can do that by simply spreading the useful information to all (specially youth), 
  • making common people aware about possibilities, 
  • by supporting any same NGO-person, 
  • by starting one itself……………………………..

And finally what will the moral, target for doing the same:
  • Uplifment of all
  • maximum employment generation with maximum joy
  • To serve the needy people
  • for our culture
  • For our beliefs

Let me clarify my stand first, I have money at third place only, everyone has desire of fame but I will surely keep my eye on Social cause before fame. Currently I am doing information spreading and awareness campaign but will surely go for giant step once I got enough backup (before my 40 years, I will definitely not tell anyone at my sixties  that I really missed doing that during my forties,fifties…….).  I have already declared that whatever the earning from adsense on this blog I will get, I will donate it. Now lets take it by examples and scenarios. 

Scenario 1: We have some goody, goody unique (it might be not) thoughts, we plan to implement in near future with support of govt, ngo, friends and take rest.

Scenario 2: We have small plan for social cause and we start working on that practically without any help of others, thinking that others will join in future once they like

Scenario 3: We have plan, we go to 2-3 NGO, donors, showing them plan and once we got big  donation and we got started.

Now based on personal experiences, I will analyze all three scenarios.

Scenario 1: These people are mostly in search of fame, they will surely not do anything else thinking & planning. They will keep telling ideas to their friends and on internet, but will not do anything till the end.
I have seen so many people at the age of 60 saying that I had thought about this and that but have not done anything, now I want to do that.

Example: many highly educated senior citizens, jago re

Scenario 2: This kind of people are doing the things for real social cause, information spreading and make people people aware. There is no hidden or mean motive in this. So this kind of people will start immediately without much thinking whatever they can do with their money & experience. These people will face lots of hurdle and lots of friends on road, but ultimately they will be lonely only. 

See this example.

Scenario 3: This kind of people are doing the social work for their own profit (money), they work a little and show more than that. Fancy presentations and websites, but poor at heart. These people will surely got success initially, but it might be not long-term, short-term only.

e.g most of the NGOs, CSR,

So what one should do, according to me whatever you do for charity, social cause purpose it in one direction. So that your whole community, society OR village can be uplifted. I have written one article about the same, you can read it here. It got high voltage debate cum discussion on that thread.

But go for maximum employment with maximum joy and in one direction.

For you information read frustration of one guy, who is falling in scenario 2 and got very good response also, but he got nothing from so called NGOs, political persons and many more such person. Read it here

I have also so many plans for social work, but I will surely do that first and then only will show.


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