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You are welcome

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Uttrayan-Makarsankranti...........the Gujarat way of Celebration.......................Unique Dariyai (sea) Utarayan at Khambhat

Hi Friends,

I know I am late, but I cant stop myself to write about Utarayan festival I have celebrated this time.

Generally, we Gujju people are more crazy about utarayan than Diwali and any other festival all over the year. Kites were flying 2 months ago almost every corner of Gujarat. Finally during the 14 & 15 January, all are present on their terrace, ground including small and elders for the whole day. In some cases till 2 AM, flying white kites and tukkal.

Now coming to my experience this year. This year Utarayan was on Friday, Vasi Utarayan on 15th Jan Saturday and 16th Jan was official holiday as sunday. So during these three days, I was in four different city of Gujarat, enjoying this festival in different mood.

  • 14 Jan --in Gandhinagar(capital city of Gujarat) and Ahmedabad. 
  • 15 Jan -- in Tarapur and Khambhat (one taluka place in Gujarat)
  • 16 Jan -- in Khambhat whole day, enjoying Dariyaeee (sea) Utarayan. 
You all might know something more or less about utarayan in Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar, but in this article I am going to give you glimpse about Khambhat (cambay) Utarayan. This was the first time I have seen the Khambhat Utarayan. Some unique point about that;

  • Khambhat is known for its kite making industry, speciall well fabricated kites that sells at above average price in market. Generally it is called "khambhati patang".
  • I have seen people flying very large size kites all over the day. Generally here in other parts of Gujarat, we enjoy flying one big kite during the whole day and felt proud and satisfied. But in proper Khambhat the scene is different, almost all the people flies very very large kites continuously all over the day. 
  • It is general tradition in Khambhat that people use to fly one kite with whole one Phirki. 
  • They celebrate Dariyai (sea shore )Utarayan following Sunday of 14th January, so this year it was on 16 Jan. 
  • On this day around 4 PM, almost all the people of Khambhat went to nearby sea shore, where currently salt has been produced. This continues to till 8 or 9 PM. 
  • Just imagine four to 5 thousand people flying kites at one place, which includes more than 50% muslims and all are enjoying. Just see the below photographs to believe it. 
  • It was like funfare with kites flying mandatory like thing. 
  • There was no place to park our vehicle, police arrangement was adequate. 
  • SALT agar (lake) were filled with Kites in water. It was like lake was producing kites instead of Salt. 
  • During the Vasi Utarayan day (15 jan), after evening crackers were busted till the 11 PM continuously all over the Khambhat.  

In the end I would to have next Gujarat International Kite festival to be hosted at this place only,
  • as it is perfectly suitable place for big kite flying (wind, space available and easy transportation)
  • people were coming without invitation on that particular day. 
  • We can promote Salt Agar tourism by this way. Central Gujarat tourism will be developed by this way.
  • We can show the world how Muslims and Hindus are celebrating one festival with joy. 
  • Local people will also participate with their giant kites. 
I do hope that Gujarat Government official take note of this event and organize next event at this place only like they has done this time at Mandvi and Tent city in Kutch. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tasted first time મેંદો free pizzaa and paratha................

Hi Friends,

One of my entrepreneur friend has started multicusine restaurant which promotes "NO WHEAT FLOUR મેંદો". 

I liked his cocept and visited the restro, and found it really good as there are variety of items including italian, mexican and many more oil free items. 

If you found it intresting, you can visit this page for online menu and other info.


Address: L colony, Opp Sahajanand College, nr nehru nagar circle.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last figure of Vibrant Gujarat Summit MOUs and some quick bites

Hi Friends,

Finally at the end of second day of Vibrant Gujarat Summit-2011, total "7936 MoUs were signed worth Rs. 20.83 lakh crore Rupees or 450 bullion U.S. dollar". 

Now talking about implementation rate, whenever any company sign MOU with central Govt and other Govt, conversion rate is 13-15%, while in Gujarat official figure is more than 55% and unofficial figure is whatever it may be ultimately Gujarat will be benefited.

Those who are talking about environment other things, Gujarat is also top in Agriculture with over 9.6% rate (national rate is 2.5% only), also Gujarat is top in Mangroves plantation (78 mangroves planted in Gujarat only out of 100 nationwide), Govt policy has been strict to tree plantation, removal and suaze treatment norms.......................................So with these figures shut mouth of such psuedo environmentalists. 

There are many more constraints/objections/views/interpretation/own judgments and against it there are real facts/figures/ground realities/clarification, which I will talk later in separate post.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Right time is running out, jut be there at right place .........enjoy nal sarovar photos


Here are some photographs of Nalsoarovar, one day outing place near Ahmedabad. Please keep in mind that there will be Rs 250 car charges and Rs.20-30/person. (Park your car 2 km ahead, go by walking)

Boat ride will cost  you 150/hour. Dont forget to eat Rotla-Makhan(butter) and Red chatni at huts nearby. Also dont forget to eat Ganthiya from "saurashtra Ganthiya house" at Gadhiya Lake cross road in Sanand, you will forgot "Ganthiya rath" chutny.

Ok, now photos ....................

Water Everywhere around 120 SqKM.
 Bring SEV, mamra with you for birds, they will follow u

 This is called innovation