You are welcome

You are welcome

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My own summary inning, new beginning you all


This Diwali, I am going to clear all the doubts around me. I will fire all the negetaviness , double mindness in Diwali crackers. With the new year ahead there I will follow clear vision, goals and planning that I had done during last month.

Starting from Today I am going to share my personal CV with you which will show you and me also actual me, in each aspect like professionally, personally and socially. Where I have clearly mentioned what I want from individual/society and what I have to offer for the same.

You might have seen professional CVs, biodata of many people, which are meant for only one way, means they want job or marriage partner etc. Today I am going to present you personal CV with two way possibilities, which simply means, I want help/support in some cases while in some cases I can provide opportunity/support to others.  It is excerpt of my personal life, professional life, education, my goals, my passions.

Educational/Trainings till date: 

Done BE(IT) in 2003, CCNA, ORACLE DBA and Apps DBA, PMS, MFCA (Material Flow Cost Accounting), SAP BASIS and many others.

Professional Life: 

  • Technical executive to General Manager, SAP-ORACLE APP-SAFAL ERP, 
  • Customized software to open source software and high cost branded softwares. 
  • Being end-user to implementer (trainings) and administrator of the system. 
  • Hardware repairing to software repairing and designing. 
  • Small desktop to high end servers, CCTV, giant telephony systems, award winning network systems etc. 
  • Interacting with end-users to Directors of the company.  
  • Having in depth knowledge of cement /engineering/production/Food/Chemical industries as implemented ERP systems in them.  
  • From Govt /Govt companies to global top 5 IT company. Overall 11 years, full of ideas, various areas, innovations, achievements and many other things.

Personal/Social Life: 

  • Innovative from childhood. 
  • Adventure lover, risk taker, bird watching, mountain climbing, trekking etc. 
  • Earlier, read so many Gujarati/hindi/english literature books, novels, lifebook, Adhyatma (click here for list), now a days, no more reading of such books, only Adhyatma (that also narrow down to just one book, which I read whenever required). 
  • Gaushala (only Desi cows) activities like gaumata sewa, technology integration (using solar energy at max in Gaushalas to make them self sustain), making various products out of cow dung and cow urine, public awareness etc.  
  • Our society secretary activities.  
  • Active in our community upliftment activities like education, sneh sammelans and many others. 
  • A writer, this blog running since last 5 years and readers over 100/per day, with articles based on only my thoughts and knowledge.

Now coming to two way help portion: How can I help others


  •         Currently in our company we require developers in experienced or fresher persons, you can contact me immediately before diwali for the same.  They have to work
  •         We may also require ERP functional consultant in near future, so send me your resumes.
  •          One of our friends company required hardware/networking marketing person and support persons on regular base, so you can also send me resumes for the same.
  •          In our client companies, they require EDP/ERP mangers on regular base, so people in same profession are welcomed to contact me for the same.

  • Training/Suggestions:

  •       We provide last semester training to only needy person or reference base  for free and later on intake them in JOB also. Our domain is ERP system with, and android app development.
  •       Based on my vast exp in various industries/domains, I am guiding various degree/diploma students for proper domain selection based on his interest and skill.
  •       Entrepreneurship related guidance to school, college students.
  •      Hardware/software/opensource in small to large companies.
  •       Oracle dba and apps related………….training, information, practical scenarios etc.

Now coming to other activities than professional job, where I can offer my help:

  •        Trekking, adventure related information……….where to go, how to go, with whom to go etc.
  •     Blogging related help……………….how to start own blog, content etc.
  •         Gaushala related help………………how to start, maintain, various products making, technology integration etc.
  •          Old Coins collection
  •        Entrepreneurship related …………….where to go, preparations, institutes, material and many more

There are few more areas in which I am working, which I will expose later on.

Some of my  PPP based vision/mission 2019 :

  •            Share information what I have to maximum users and involve people in my social cause
  •            A Gaushala where I can give sufficient time to gaumata and make it self-reliant and with R & D laboratory. 
  •           Modi has today coined idea of Adarsh gram, but I have more detailed plan for the same. So one village as per my planning to make it adarsh/idol by 2019.
  •           Employment generation ………for students, graduates, non-skill person, mentally retarded person etc.
  •            Earn 30K/month from Google adsense for charity purpose from this blog.

Now, coming to points/areas in which I need your help/support:

     Gaumata (cows):  A self reliant Gaushala

  • To spread the information how gau products are useful and need of an hour, be a change agents
  • To have land or money or technical/marketing collaboration to make this mission possible.
  • Personal involvement as a volunteer in gaushala operations.
  •     Employment generation:  be it through entrepreneurship development or through gaushala or through your current employer.
  •       Please refer this page for my intentions related to adsense and click on advertisement you see on this page.  Once again I would like to let you know that all money earned from advertisement will go to gaushala and mentally retarded ashram.  So click on daily base to at least one or two ads.

There are few more, but I will share it as and when required. I think this post describes/narrates nearly 90% of my life till date.  Now Diwali onwards, I am going for all my dreams/visions/goals with extreme planning and hard work, which I did poorly all through last many years. I will share such post after six month with the results, till then as promised earlier there will be total 15 posts in a month, consisting 5 gaumata related, 5 politics related and 5 others.  So stay tuned, keep clicking on advertisement.

Now coming to personal social track, I will clear all the bitterness in relationships around me, I will reinstates trust and positiveness in every person around me.  

Now special Note:
“”God had gifted me precious Diwali gift this year in advance as baby girl few days back””

Now stay tuned for monthly 15 posts as promised comprising 5 on gaumata, 5 on politics and 5 on adventure, tourist places etc.