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Monday, October 4, 2010

Entrepreneur…………………If you a little bit........just provoke it

By Himanshu Acharya

Hello readers, I am back with one more controversial topic. Earlier I had written article on “Gujarat deserve more from NRG’s”, during that time I was based in Bombay. One critic had asked me about the same and now as per my planning I am in Ahmedabad forever. Now this time not being entrepreneur at this particular time I am going to write about the same as I have planned for the same in near future I will surely become entrepreneur and gradually fulfill wishes mentioned in below article.

Now about this article, I could have been wrote the title as “How to be….., Want to become…..  etc, but this article is not about such things. This article is just to clear some doubts, educate our youngsters, get some information and that’s it.

First of all, Gujarat has been pioneer in this particular field (entrepreneur) and our consistent over 10% GDP’s credit goes to this only. There are n numbers of individual as well as company examples in Gujarat in 100 years of history. But what about current competition, globalization era. In last 15-20 years there are not so much cases compared to previous. Why is it so: 

  •       Our British age education system, which has started showing its effect. Slave mentality and no   respect towards out ancient culture, wrong history and many more.
  •     Attraction towards engineering, doctors profession 
  •    High competition in each and every market area.
  •    Globalization, after which competition become more and more.
  •     Lacking in innovative ideas
  •     Main reason “unawareness” about proper guidance, market, industry leaders etc, I will elaborate on this mainly as we all are aware about others.


About proper Govt. offices and facilities:  Very few (less than 5%) youngsters know about EDI, CED, iNDEXT C. 

First CED (Centre for Enterprenurship development) : It is run by Gujarat State Government and headquarter in UDYOG BHAVAN, Gandhinagar. CED conducts regularly week long or month long program for Individuals. There will be a small advertisement in all leading newspapers whenever CED conducts such program. Fee is also very less (around 500 or max 1000). They will provide very useful information about
Where to go -- respective Government departments, Banks, VCs etc
How to go – Govt procedures, Banking procedures, Initial registration etc
What to prepare – Basic skills, business plan, reports, Documentation etc

EDI (Entrepreneurship Development Institute): This is IIM like Internationally recognized and central Govt run premier Institute.  It is located near BHAT, Indira bridge, Ahmedabad. It has mainly two programs, one is two year Family business Entrepreneur Development program and second is one year  distance learning program. For our Gujju youth second program is more suitable where we directly get senior IIM professors as our mentors. There is 3 days session twice in the year where we can interact with other participants. Fees for the same is 10000 from this year onwards, earlier it was 5K.

iNDEXT B (Industrial extension bureau ): It is the main office which deals with new large or small scale industries. Anyone can go and meet iNDEXT C official and ask for help/direction. It is located at again UDYOG BHAVAN, Gandhinagar. CED is working in sync with iNDEXT C. It is the primary interface between any individual who want to be entrepreneur and Government.

MGLI : Mahatma Gandhi Labor Institute, Gurukul area, Ahmedabad
One more Guj Govt institute which runs 2 month certificate course for EDP. Just wait for advertisement in leading newspapers. 

DIC : District Industrial Compassionate
This is Gujarat Govt entity which approves any project proposal for any Govt incentive/refund/subsidy scheme. You need to prepare project report and submit it to DIC. 

CIIE: This is center for innovation run by IIM-A. Give good support for startup having unique idea.

There are many more central agencies which are involved in the same field. They offer many type of schemes and subsidies for entrepreneur. You can visit

Mainly, I want to give an idea to our youngsters what options they have, how can they approach and succeed. There are some more sites available which are useful for startups like; 

Now Moving to second topic : INDUSTRY and INDUSTRY leaders:
There are associations like GESIA, GIDC, GuCCI and many more where individual entrepreneur can have guidance, networking, business and many more.

There is one request to young entrepreneur, make aim of more and more employment instead of profit, you will surely succeed, if possible go for product, service based industry instead of commission (dalal) based industry.

Please read above books whenever you got time, rich dad poor dad teaches very good lesson about asset and liability step by step and Good to great teaches why leadership and innovation is necessary for any company. Click on above books to have a look at above books.  

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