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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indian Media Reengineering …………….A classic case of double standards.

By Himanshu Acharya

Today, I am going to present simple comparisons. You, readers please decide yourself on whom to trust……..Media, Modi or Rahul. This article is especially for those who are blind follower of media. My only request to them is, make at least 2-3 source of information.  
Rahul Gandhi
What Media Says
Narendra Modi
What Media says
He has not done anything significant till date in amethi or at national level
but he is youth icon
He has a list of achievements, agri over 10% consistent, GDP over 11%
Gujarat riot 2002
We don’t know that he is doing for 25 days but touring one state or amethi 5 days
he has done a lot for his constituency
he has not taken single day holiday till date, working 20hrs a day
he has done genocide in 2002
He is repeatedly saying common speech in every state
He has vision
In each and every function, public is dying to hear him
he is Hitler
There is no direct interview, avoid tough questions till date
but he has ability to lead
so many direct interview, on sidhi baat, court etc
he has done pogrom
He is doing stunts by staying with dalit, huts
but he is savior of poor
No stunts at all, only achievements
he is dictator
He has no knowledge about kashmir, agriculture, national problems
But he is Yuvraj
Pure nationalist person, having knowledge about every small problem
He is anti-muslims
Most of the times, he don’t know what he is talking about just like our PM
but he able to lead our country
His speech is full of motivation, information
He has given three days for butchering
His education is controversial
but he is most learned person
There is no single claim by opposition directly on modi till date for any irregularity done by him
He is maut ka saudagar

NAMO: more than 60 national and mostly international awards for Gujarat in last 5-6 years in various fields like agriculture, health, roads, IT, E-gov, Law, BRTS, Jyotigram and many more things.

Friends, I have lot many other things to say about both rahul Gandhi and Narendra modi, but here we are talking about media, especially electronic media. Channels like NDTV , CNN-IBN, aajtak and many others are repeatedly using above words in their secular programs.
  • Whenever there is debate, they will force Gujarat 2002. They will keep inviting Teesta Setlwad as a secular guy who has been scolded by supreme court and Gujarat High Court for false theories and witnesses.
  • People like Rajdeep Sardesai, Burkha dutt and many others has been promoted or got national awards like padama shree for their Gujarat Bashing services since 2002.
  • Whenever any issue related state Govt, just observe their attitude by comparing BJP ruled states and congress ruled states.
  • There are n number of examples, but still our clueless, directionless youth is looking at Rahul only instead of Modi or any other, just because of this media.
If anybody wants more information, kindly contact me. I will write one more article regarding whats happening in other state in near future.

Look at this picture:

References:  --- President Janata Party Mr Subramaniyam on education of Rahul Gandhi with proofs. He has played active role in ramsethu case against Central govt and many other cases against govt.        -- read here all news channels reporting and their clear bias with proof.


Manju said...

good work buddy

Anonymous said...

very nice article buddy . . .

but, this time Rahul Gandhi is immeture & Dr. Manmohan Singh is over exposed as most weak PM India could ever afford !

This is High time for BJP to portrey Modiji as next 2014 PM candidate !

Nirav Bhinde

Anonymous said...

Gujarat is a state and modi becoming pm a dream that pramod mahajan had and he no more and there r 27 states in india a part Gujarat and for muslims in india modi is a three days butcher u can delete the post this is for ur knowledge india is not gujarat nor modi

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Its neither about Modi or Rahul (Raul), it's about over country and how we want our country to be potrayed in the eyes of world politics. Do we want to potray ourselves as weak nation plagued by problems, corruption and lead by some person whose only rise to fame is his borrowed family name or a politician who may be guilty of some crime against humanity. Its time for the youth of this country to stand up and be counted. Why not every youth from good educational background and not even a hint of corruption come forward and stand for elections. If one stands against the corrupt political parties then he may be threatened but if many stand up and roar then the corrupted will run for their lives. Make this country proud by stnading up against criminals (any caste or religion).

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