You are welcome

You are welcome

Sunday, September 21, 2014

5 Years completed ........................ My BLOG journey ................Few words

It has been a very very long time I have written article for my blog. A blog which I have started with my own thought regarding travelling, adventure, politics, NAMO, Government, Entrepreneurship and many more things a five years ago. Since last 2 years I have been disconnected with my blog completely, reason is nothing but my laziness.
Here, I would like to narrate some experiences and my feelings
  • ·         THE JOURNEY:   During my Mumbai Capgemini company tenure, in my free time I was writing comments on various article and on many other website.  Later on owner Shree Japan Pathak told me to write any full length articles and I had starting writing articles first time. You can read my article here which was published in itself totally as it is. Thereafter with advice of my writing guru Shree Japan Pathak, I had started my blog around Sep 2009. Now lets divide my blog journey in three stage.

Stage I : For initial two years, I was writing blogpost for information spreading purpose only.
Stage II: Thereafter Google ad sense came into picture and I write for spreading information + some money through google ad sense (almost two years).
Stage III: Later on in third stage came in which I wrote periodic articles for some other website in my blog. 
  • ·         THE OUTCOME:

Personal:  I have found so many friends during my blog journey and all of them are worth more than any monetary gain, which I had expected in second stage. In my second and third year, I was getting daily 2-3 mails & 1-2 phone calls related to my blog. Still I am getting mails periodically. I had made some close friends with whom I have family relations even right now also.  I would like to thank them all, i.e Mihirbhai (CA), Mehulbhai (Oasis), Keta Medam (Canada) and many others.

Monetary:  From the day one I had stated on blog that whatever I will get from google, I will donate it to Panjrapol or Mentally retarded Ashram. But unfortunately, even after 3 years of the same,  I have 95$ in google account and they will only dispatch once there is 100$ in account.  So once again I would like to urge visitors to click on the advertisements displayed on my blog. ALL ARE REQUESTED TO CLICK ON ADVERTISEMENTS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ON THE BLOG.

  • ·         Now, THE FUTURE:  There are so many plans in my mind, but my readers will get minimum 15 predefined articles per month and some instant ones as per the situation.

Topics:  Gaumata, politics, entrepreneurship, Gujarat tourist places
Frequency: 15 articles /month with predefined scheduling.

Looking ahead for good relationship with my readers.