You are welcome

You are welcome

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Use technology, not to be used by it.

Yes, definitely internet is fun, connecting with remote friends is fun, sharing best moments is also a fun. We can do all this with technology, earlier there was telephone, cameras with role, gramophone and many similar things, which has now been converted into internet, blogs, emails, chats, IM, digital cameras and many more.  So if you can notice almost every physical thing has been converted into digital form.

For information sharing, knowledge sharing through internet over mobile is always welcome, like whenever you see any new invention in rural area, new tradition OR any implementation that have worked miracle for masses and you shared it with remote friends with the help of your mobile it is very good step. I do like chatting with friends, occasionally watching videos of them and rarely playing games with them as I believe in useful nature of technology not to be used by it. 

We can define it other way that it is always a good thing to interact with distinct friends and relatives, be it IM, skype or email and that also through laptop or mobile. But as always said “There is a limit for everything”. Today’s apps are playing important role in our life, starting with alarm in mobile, to do, Bluetooth apps, speedometer with help of GPS, direction, money manager and many more. It is always good to share how you have used technology practically in your day to day life. 

So, in nutshell internet is fun for me on my mobile when:
  • 1)      Any friend ping with his/her new born baby photos, videos
  • 2)      When my owned company video got maximum likes
  • 3)      When any social change is happening simply because of internet-mobile-technology combination

But, I don’t like internet over mobile, when: 

  • 1)      I see youngster student wasting his/her time in updating their facebook status every half an hour,
  • 2)      When I see silly things browsed by youngsters.

Negative side list is very long, but if we use the technology with mobile and internet like below ones, it will be not only fun but meaningful, fruitful and optimal utilization of technology. 

  • 1)      Like mobile banking done in South Africa.
  • 2)      Like mobitization of geographic data
  • 3)      Like finding lost ones with the help of mobile and GPS.
  • 4)      When user can have access to location, direction information at their fingertip

I wrote this article for making entry into the contest, but I know that I have gone into opposite direction at some extent.