You are welcome

You are welcome

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hobby Sharing................OLD COIN COLLECTION from 18th Century onwards...........


Update :: Part 2 of this series (with photographs) here

I had talked about my long hobby list earlier in this post. Yesterday, after long time I analyzed my Old coin Collection which consists coins from 18th century onwards. Till date I just keep collecting it, never analyzed and never care about it.

But from today onwards, by this post I will not only keep analyzed information but going to keep all the coins in proper place also (album type). Anyone intrested in seeing the same, most welcome. Now the information.

Total Coins: 83
Foreign coins: 10
After 1960 and not in use as on today: 14
Before 1800-1900       :  15 east Indian Company coins + 5 Indian state coins
After 1900-1960          : 36
Unidentified: 3

I will post the photos of same shortly. If you are in Ahmedabad and want to see it personally, you are most welcome.
Update :: Part 2 of this series (with photographs) here