You are welcome

You are welcome

Google and Gaumata

Humble Request to all Readers

Unique headline and unique idea, want support from you all.

First of all, Clear the two points:

With the God grace, I am earning my bread satisfactory from the IT field. 

It is all about bread for Cow(Gaumata) and mentally retired people, which I want to do with the help of yours. So here comes great Google into picture and I will show you is totally free, no donation, no much effort .....only 2 minute of yours.

You simply have to click on google ads and stay on requested site for minute or two. Please keep in mind that whatever the earning from this, will go to the below mentioned two places. 
  1.    Ahsram for mentally retired people, where till date 47 got totally healed and currently 157 are under observation. Located near Palitana-Gujarat
  2.        I will donate to nearby Panjarapol, where cows are sheltered.
Soon I am going to start desi cow Gaushala project also, which will demonstrate how a gaushala or pnajrapole can be self-reliant (without donation) based on milk,cow urine,cow dung only. There will be also some integrated project organic farm, ashram, gruh udyog etc...........

So, don’t only read, click also on Google ads whenever you are here.You can also suggest some more good locations for charity purpose.