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You are welcome

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hobby Sharing................OLD COIN COLLECTION from 18th Century onwards...........Part 2

Hi Friends, 

This post is linked to this one Part-1, where I had promised to post photos of my coin and stamp collection. Yes , it has taken much more time but at last here it is. 

I have collected this coins and stamps wherever I got chance, like at my uncle's place, from mela's (fair), from pasti, from older one etc. 

Also, if anyone interested further, in Gujarat there are many societies active for the stamp and coins individually.
  1. Gujarat philately Society : Monthly meeting on every second sunday @ Sanidhya building, Ashram road, Ahmedabad. A Group of collectors, distributor and professionals also, but if one is die hard stamp collector, he must definately go there.
  2. Gujarat Coin Society:  Monthly one meeting on first sunday@ nr.Lucky theatre, Ahmedabad. Same as above. 

Stamp and coins have become source of income for many, as locally and globally market demand is very much high. To prove the same, there are more number of dealers and investor rather than actual collector in this field. 

Now some photographs. 

Stamps from 1960-1980

 Whole collection

 East Company of India
 After independence era
 Our State coins, gwaliar
 front and back
 1835 coin east India company