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You are welcome

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gujarat as on 2009 after 2001 - you will not read/hear it in national media

Before I start you must keep in mind that

• We should appreciate 80-90 % work against 20-30%, if we find mistakes in that it is also not 100% or it is on not 80-90 it is 79-89%, then problem lies in ourselves.
• When we are clear in what to do (targets/dream/scheme), how to do (policies/collective efforts) and when to do(practical timeline), we will surely achieve target. Common principle for efficient government is to make everything straight, simple & accessible by all.
• Whenever work done by heart means you like your work, you feel proud in doing so (national/society interest work) than there will be a no stress, no complains, no age problems occurs.
You all thought why I am giving lecture, but it is related to our post. Just read on and you will connect all the dots by yourself.

Industrialization :
Infrastructure without proper facilities (i.e roads), no long term policy, common policy for agriculture, industry, small scale industries, no interlinking of various businesses.
Now: Proper road connectivity, street lights water facility available in almost all GIDCs, separate policy for dairy industry, agriculture, small scale industries and that also changes every 5-6 year to improve further (keeping long term targets and make practical solution of small problem faced by end user/industrialist). Make everything straight and simple & accessible by all.

Earlier: excessive use of water and urea, ground water level decreasing, no planning for new initiative/canal projects/dams etc. No government help to end farmers, one krishi university for whole state.
Now: Educated farmers to use drip irrigation and organic farming, not only tried but actually water levels are increasing in most of the region, new initiative like open canal (sujlam suflam), small checkdams, renovate all the existing market yards and connected it with main centers. Make four universities to reach out more and more region/farmers.

Earlier: As you read in earlier post
Now: No more gangs, Mafias active in all over Gujarat. Police become more efficient. Lease crime rate in all over India. Reforms in Home department. Police station are now connected through internet network, common database available in most of the police station – special software is developed by TCS and in testing phase in some police station. Forensic Lab is well equipped, new police university created

Earlier: Frequent riots, curfew in sensitive areas of big cities almost 3 to 4 time a year.
Now: No more riot reported from 2002 to till date even after bomb blasts, and encroachment demolition (Mandirs and Masjids also), No curfew imposed in last 6-7 years in all over Gujarat.

Earlier: tankers, droughts, schemes on paper, no long-term initiative/policy
Now: 98% no tanker, in last eight years we have received excessive rain but not less than normal, 2 Lakh Checkdams, boribandh(small checkdams with the help of empty urea bags), farm-ponds, PPP model initiatives, every year cleaning of major natural drainages in rural areas. Schemes as per particular region requirement. Make awareness in public about water. Interlinking of river and lots more but will cover in series 3 of post.

Light (Electricity):
Earlier: Frequent power cuts in villages, theft, transmission loss at its high etc
Now: under jyotigram all villages gets 24 hr light, Electricity board police station created and working efficiently to stop the theft, All the power generation stations were given target to increase in capacity, efficiency, and decrease in transmission loss. One of the reasons behind 24 hr electricity as they achieved in most of the areas. No free electricity but continuous light.

Economic Situation:
Earlier: deficit budget, frequent overdraft from RBI, mostly figures only.
Now: Find the loopholes, use latest technology to prevent the same. Now surplus budget, no overdraft since last seven years. Clear in incomings and outgoing, no hypothetical schemes like loan waiver, No free things, no free electricity etc.

Govt Companies/employees:
Earlier: Companies headed by political persons, rude attitude of Govt employee towards general public, loss occurred by most of the companies.
Now: All the things are predefined now. Targets, timeline and course of action. Companies headed by 100% IAS officers, better efficiency and results are in front of you. All the companies are profit making. Attitude is changed towards general public. One day governance concept introduced for some small and basic requirements.

Now you may want to know how these happened. I will go into detail each of the topic in coming posts. I will post some major initiative taken by Gujarat Government in supplementary post 2A tomorrow.

Now tell me is it not all round performance, is it possible without Government support, or is it possible without clear vision and targets. You judge by yourself and reply.

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