You are welcome

You are welcome

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Entrepreneurship continues.........................

Entrepreneur is totally different trait of the businessman. They are basically learners from every corner of the life. 

Main thing is that they don’t have money at the center point like businessman, they don’t have stability at the center point like hawkers, street vendors & shop owners.

They have their own set of goal predefined mostly raging in maximum employment generation – fame –social cause etc. So what they are doing to achieve the same, because path is almost same like any common businessman. It is they are learning from each and everyone. They will learn

  • How to start any business without over preparation and planning FROM street vegetable sellers and seasonal traders. (they will not learn that these people are at the same level for their lifetime)
  • How to grow business extensively within short time period FROM ambanis and tatas
  • How to integrate social work with business FROM NGO and trusts
  • How to integrate technology with the business and update it time to time FROM experts in the fields.

So if you are not observing the same thing, start learning/observing. Give your thoughts on this.


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