You are welcome

You are welcome

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Entrepreneurship lovers.................BIOTECHNOPRENEUR event across Gujarat in 2012


I came to know about BIOTECHNOPRENEUR in Gujarat, which provides platform for innovators, entrepreneurs in the biotechnology and agriculture field. In year 2011 also they had organized such events and in coming year also they are going for the same.

This events are jointly organized by Gujarat Govt, private partners and venture capitalists. There will be no charge/entry fee for attending the same event. So the event organized by:

Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM), Gujarat Venture Finance Limited (GVFL) & Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC)
along with SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (Knowledge Partner)
Life Sciences | Medical Devices | Biotechnology | Pharmaceuticals
Fostering Technology based Entrepreneurship in Gujarat

 Key features of Biotechnopreneur Camps 2012:
͌            Pitch Your Business Idea: Present your biotechnology idea among a panel of experts, businessmen & investors
͌            My Story Session: Get inspiration from Successful Biotechnology Entrepreneurs
͌            Network: Interact with experts and consultants from diverse areas like Technology, Market, Finance, Policies etc.
͌            Explore entrepreneurial opportunities in biotech industry

There will be a one day seminars.
No registration fees/participation fees
Confirm your participation by mailing registration forms available at this link to
Who should attend?
Innovators | Research Students | Budding Entrepreneurs | Management Students
BiotechnopreneurTM Camps 2012 is going to be organized at Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara.
27th January 2012, Friday
17th February 2012, Friday
24th February 2012, Friday
9th March 2012, Friday
23rd March 2012, Friday


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Transform your Life ………..Part2 ………Clarity in Life

We had seen in this post about overall outline of transforming the life. Now let’s see the setting priorities part in detail. Overall outline is like this;

S )           Do you have any chart prepared for next 5 years, 10 years or so.
U )          Have you done your own SWOT analysis
C)            Do you have defined your priorities
c)            Have you written your desires and GOALS, both are totally different things.
e)            Do you have any detailed written action plan for each of your goal
s)            Do you have monitoring mechanism in place.

Priorities: Human life is driven by priorities. Sometime we predefine it and in most of the cases we have to do that dynamically. So which one is the best?

Predefined Priorities            OR   Dynamic Priorities

My priority is PREDEFINED one, because it gives CLARITY. Clarity about further course of life, our actions and our goals. Everything is so much clear that there is least chance of confusion or duality. So which are the set of things, defining which we can have 90 % clarity in our future life.

I have done this and by doing the same you can also get the peace of mind, faster actions and less hurdles in your achievements. 

These are the things which need to be setup once; later on you will follow it automatically. Only some practice needed. It might be possible that due to some circumstances, you may not in state of predefined priority but keeping in the mind the same; you will definitely get the same within short time:
  •  1      Money or Family    
  • 2       Job You want OR Job you got
  • 3      Self pride OR Relationship
  • 4      Family or Friends
  • 5      Mother, Father Vs the Rest
  • 6      થોડું થોડું સુખ કે ઘણું બધું સુખ એક સાથે (want frequent happiness in day to day life OR want it in gross  after some time)
Now comes the main part
  • 7      Your Mother OR Your Wife              ----- Define it and read it out with your wife/mother, it will eliminate 50 % problems of yours.
  • 8      Routine life OR innovation in Life every day.
  • 9     Goals OR Desire
  • 10   Money for future OR Money for current
  • 11  Family values OR personal priorities    
  • 12   Always trust others OR always suspect others.
  • 13   Risk OR routine
  • 14   Family first OR Nation first.
  • 15   Set the example or Follow the example

I have identified and defined above things and shown it to my wife and conveyed to my mother also, I have also encouraged my wife to do the same and she did it also. Result of the same is that we don’t have single quarrel in our 8 year of married life on the topic of my mother or my family.
Choosing 15 things above will not only give you clarity in your day to day life, but it will so many hurdles knowingly or unknowingly.

Please note that we are social animals and we are living in society, freedom is necessary but there are certain limits/boundaries, we need to take decision accordingly and appropriately. And once done, stick with it. Out next chapter will be on honoring you words, which is relevant to current one also. 

In coming post we will see goal setting.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hobby Sharing................OLD COIN COLLECTION from 18th Century onwards...........


Update :: Part 2 of this series (with photographs) here

I had talked about my long hobby list earlier in this post. Yesterday, after long time I analyzed my Old coin Collection which consists coins from 18th century onwards. Till date I just keep collecting it, never analyzed and never care about it.

But from today onwards, by this post I will not only keep analyzed information but going to keep all the coins in proper place also (album type). Anyone intrested in seeing the same, most welcome. Now the information.

Total Coins: 83
Foreign coins: 10
After 1960 and not in use as on today: 14
Before 1800-1900       :  15 east Indian Company coins + 5 Indian state coins
After 1900-1960          : 36
Unidentified: 3

I will post the photos of same shortly. If you are in Ahmedabad and want to see it personally, you are most welcome.
Update :: Part 2 of this series (with photographs) here


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What keeps up all driving, what is missing ..................hobby list part-3

“If you want to be extraordinary and non-routine life, you have to do                        set of ordinary and routine task on daily base”

And that set of things includes:
  •          Wake up early in the morning late by 5am  ---- this one is must
  •          Thinking for goals for 45 minute                  ----- good for those who want to be businessman
  •          Work hard without any Sundays                  ---- for future businessman
  •          Plan for near future with specific goals      ----- common for all
  •          Plan your next day at night
  •          You, yourself be punctual, don’t think about others if they are not       ---- common for all
  •          Honor your words                     ----- it will create force which you will realize later
  •          Respect your mother, father and country, give time to your family also.    ----Nations comes first.
  •          Develop or cultivate one of your hobby like reading, playing, writing (what I am doing ) etc.

You take any example of successful businessman/entrepreneur/politician/scientist,  they do 90% things out of above set. Rest they have developed on their own and mentioned it in their own book.

Even you might have started exercising  some 1 or 2 from above, got initial good results and later on you discontinued it without any reason (you might have feel that it can be achievable and I will do it whenever required).  So need of the hour is:


Sunday, August 28, 2011

SO finally Anna passed and Ramdev baba failed ………………….Why ??????

There are only two reasons behind the same.

1)      1)   RAmdevbaba wanted “Immediate Action on so many fronts “against congress itself so it is but obvious that congress will crusade them, while ANNA (puppet in the hand of congress and kejriwal) want only Janlokpal which is no way feasible and implementable within coming 5 years. So congres does not have problem in the same where no immediate action is required.  Infect Congress has made anna from zero to hero just to slowdown, crusade ramdevbaba’s agitation which required immediate action.
2)     2)          MEDIA (both electronic and print media), which is now a days so powerful and greedy that it can make hero to zero and zero to hero based on money power directly or indirectly.

I got some proof and eventual evidences which will make my assumption and allegation into reality check.
We will have facts regarding the same in coming posts.