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Monday, April 20, 2009

Gujarat Till 2001

We first clarify few points.
*Gujarat was a part of Maharashtra till 1960 and after that exactly on 1st may 1960 Gujarat comes into existence.
*There are mainly three parts in Gujarat. 1) Saurashtra region –rajkot, amreli,junagadh, bhavnagar etc 2) Kutch region – single district bordered with Pakistan, very large area mostly undeveloped till 2001. 3) Gujarat region—patan,mehsana, Gandhinagar,ahmedabad, vadodara, surat
*In the Kheda and Anand district (AMUL origin), almost one member from family from whole villages in the foreign land. Mostly in Motel business there.
*Till 1995, 99% congress rule then till 1997 no-congress, no-bjp rule almost vacuum during that period. Then from 1997 to 2001 –BJP-KESHUBAPA and from Oct 2001---You know very well –Narendra modi.
Now second step, we will see why Gujarat is developed all these years. Mostly we will cover upto 1997.

1) Industrialization :

First be clear in mind that Gujarat has the largest number of GIDCs (Gujarat Industry Development Corp) in almost at the talukalevel.
Second Gujarat has the more number of developed cities and each of them have specialty business like in surat- diamond, Rajkot-auto parts, Ahmedabad—chemicals, textile, Ankleshwar—chemical, Dahej- Petroleum, etc….
What happened till 2001 is like: GIDC are there but without proper facilities (connectivity, coordination, support, water, electricity). Specially road, water and light.

2) Agriculture:
Till date there was no innovation at all. All depends on GOD (rain). If rain is good during a year than good corps, otherwise drought.
No special status, schemes for agriculture like Saurashtra is mainly cultivating groundnuts, but no proper facility to sell it etc.
Although marketyards were there, but lacks in facilities like no proper rules, guidelines, road connectivity, water etc.
Saurashtra , surendranagar, Kutch and North Gujarat region is totally dependent on rain and wells. Canal facility is available in Anand, kheda and surat (south Gujarat region). There was not at all any try to do the same in previously mentioned region.

3) Security:

Gujaraties are by nature defensive not offensive, respect others. So there was no problem for security of Girls in the city during night also.
But there were so many gangs, mafia groups active in these years. Mostly with backup of Congress Government. There were gangs active in ahmedabad, porbander, surat, and in saurashtra region.
During every election there were number of incidents of group clash in small villages, towns.
Liquor is banned in Gujarat, but it was freely available in almost every part of the state, in the villages in the name of “DESI”. We used to hear news in the papers that numbers of villagers were died after drinking homemade liquor (recently in delhi – more than 38 died).

4) Riots:
Many readers are well aware of 2002 riots, but they may not know history of riots in Gujarat.
Earlier we were used to hear the news of riots in big cities like vadodara, ahmedabad, Rajkot etc. Generally during the year there was almost 5-6 incidents during which police had to shell tier gas, 144 in various areas mostly muslims and surrounding areas.
And you were shocked by the results of the riots that in not most of the incidents, in all incidents till 2001 hindus are at the receiving end. We had not heard or seen anywhere that muslims were killed during that riots. And there were history of some bigger riots that 2001 atleast 5-6 times.
5) Roads:
Gujarat is well connected with almost all villages(more than 97%). We can say that there were the roads as per requirement of that particular time, but mostly in bad condition.
6) Water:
Worst water crisis in Saurashtra and kutch region, but till date(1995) no proper/lifetime solution for the same. What we had seen, is that after feb-march, most of the villages had to dependent on water tankers in the whole saurashtra and kutch region. Also almost same situation in north Gujarat from April onwards.
But by all these years, they had not think about it. You will see in our next section how this problem is solved.
7) Light (power)
Light situation is almost same as the rest of the country during that years. Load shedding in town and villages were common for almost 7-8 hours during a day.
Farmer get the light but in installments, they have to constantly keep eye on bulb outside their pump house, to see when light comes and goes. In big cities there was not much problem. But in villages it was there.
8) Economic Situation:
As there already developed businesses in the state, financial situation was good, but not up to the mark. State budget comes into deficit. We read in the paper almost every one/two year that “Today Government has taken overdraft from RBI/Central Government to pay the salary of state employee or debt. “
9) Government Employees/Companies:
They were typical government employees. Most of the administrative positions are with non-gujarati officers. Because gujaraties are mostly involved in business not in study. Most of the south Indian IAS officers were there in key positions and they ran the same with some kind of monopoly.
No particular target/motivation was there. Whenever any government company gets pure IAS officer as a MD or chairman it was in profit state otherwise mostly in debt state.

Now you probably feel like local gujarati who have general idea about Gujarat and past situation till 2001. Now hold your breath to take a roller costar ride to see total change after 2001.

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asavin said...

very well described. I felt like I am going through a nightmere. but know these situations existed in those time.
We are blessed that we got a leader like Modiji

ashwin patel

optimism said...

And what makes you belive that all this development is because of Modi?
Gujarat is the costliest state in terms of electricity,4m 19 paise per unit electricity is now 98 paise per unit,each gujarati has debt of Rs 20,000 4 times more than Bihar.Road development,internatinal airport,108 emergency service all this is due to Central goverment... What did modi did.. gave Thosand crores rupees to Tata?and not a single rupee to farmer and diamond workers!!
And u say modi is doing good for gujarat haha pity on you

optimism said...

Modi knws by keeping people poor he will be benifited bcz they will get hostile easily when they will talk abt religion,if modi is so much concerned abt Gujarat why is only 16% of total mous completed?
Why didnt he do anything for poor people,12 lakh diamond workers are unemployed and he didnt even talked once ...

AkZ said...

@ optimism

The price of electricity goes up as demand goes up. If you think about the use of coal etc etc. Now you might think why the price went up, well because there is power supply to everyone. More demand more supply more money.. point made!
Another thing. Gujju's have more debt then people in bihar is a bit hard to swallow, check ur stats.
AND all those services you mentioned given by the central government.. well WHY only gujarat got them???? doesnt the center like other states or something..
Maybe you shud change ur name from optimism to something else..

good luck being an anti...

Anonymous said...

optimism @

wake up time,wake up time..

108 emergency services has been started by the gujarat govt only..that tooo by modi.

apni pant idhar gili mat kar,
even TIMES OF INDIA ..clarified this thing,when the debate arose whose iniative was behind it..

TOI said as well as the so called CONGRESS GOVT. and we people of gujarat know,that 108 service exists only in GUJARAT (INDIA's PRIDE!!) and was started by MODI govt. only..
and lets go by your view,that suppose 108 service was started by so called cong govt.,then why didn't it started this service in other states or important metropolitan cities like delhi,mumbai etc.,its almost 2 years..
and why the news channel didnt even carried out the news that CONG govt is going to start 108 service in other places too?"

now just shut up and get lost..and by the way i dont think u are a gujarati,or even someone living in gujarat,or anyone..linked to gujarat anyway.
please do rectify ur facts and doubts before confronting or insulting modi and guj. else ..agla agla "shoe" missile target ..wil be you :p

Anonymous said...

optimisim @

and what did the congress govt do to bailout/rescue the diamond workers?

16 % of the mou's are completed..
bhai dekh,modi koi labour toh hai nahi,haha
aur ...listen,mou's sign kiye hue sirf 2-4 mahine hi hue hain,got it..uske liye facilities tayyar karni padti hai,pehle...and work is already under progress..
and what do u expect?
mou's and development plans worth lakhs of crores be executed in 4-5 months?or even 1 year?

man,go and have some capsules...huh,hopeless case :S

i think you should keep a check on TOI...they have way much proper and better info abt it..than you
i have suggestions for you,plz from the next time onwards ..dont just pop in and start blabbering..okay

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