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You are welcome

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mobile charging by money, save earth.....

Hi Friends,

Recently, I got mail from Indiblogger for the contest as below:

Franklin Templeton Investments  partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

Just for curiosity, I have browsed the video from the website, Initially I thought that there will be more NGO stuff rather than real innovation, but finally I got some technical stuff, which can be called real innovation. One should go through following link to have detailed idea about the innovation : 

Though I have not published any research idea, but I am also into same field. I am associated with desi cows and many gaushala, so I have also developed and seen cow urine based charger and electricity related stuff.  I have done some advance testing and practical also, but this thing invented by Joao lammoglia is really far ahead better, one can charge mobile through him/her self only. No need to be dependent others.  This is truly amazing. Piezoelectricity is not a new thing, but to utilize it in such a way is appreciable.

One can charge his/her mobile while one is sleeping, walking, in traffic etc..……you can say it anywhere/anytime/any position free charging. 

This will not only saves earth but also saves our money.  Such idea must be propagated and available in open market immediately.