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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gujarat Tourist place - Ranki vav patan strange ancient thing - Give your thoughts

Today I have revisited Patan's Ranki VAV (Step well).

It is not step well, we can say it Floor well..............because there are total 7 floor in this step well. Not one of the best, it is the best step well across India. You just visit it feel yourself.

Now coming to our point, almost five years back when I visited this step well first time I had noticed One sculpture there wearing slipper (chappal) like thing in her leg. But due to unavailability of camera at that time, I was not able to capture it.

Now this time, during my today's visit, I have found the same sculpture, and captured it. Which is as below;

Now, Please decide what this may be??????????. For your information, another leg is lifted and there is no slipper there in another leg. It may be charan paduka, but it is not there in any one of the other sculptures there in entire step well, and looks like slippers more.

If anyone wants to visit Patan, it is only 2 hr drive from Ahmedabad and road condition is excellant. Just go to Mehsana, and take left from circle where you see one giant HAND statue. Then after 25-30 Km, take right when you are in chanasma. Patan is about 20Km from chanasma. There is very good parking facility, toilet, garden arrangement. Entry fee is Rs. 5 for Gujjus and Indians (apnewale), and 100/- for baharwale (foreigners).

Enjoy some more photos;

Reply back, if you find the solution or if you have any query.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Part 2 – Entrepreneurship

We all have desire to become free :
• Free from Job, rude boss, 9-7 routine, stress
• Free from regular financial crisis.
• Free from timing problems between office, home and social life

So what is the solution……………….ENTREPRENEUR……………….become ENTREPRENEUR

But wait, if it was so simple, then everyone will become the same and no one doing job……………so what stops most of them to become entrepreneur ??. Lets see some of the factors :

Risk taking factor: risk to think out of box (routine job), risk to convert idea into action, risk to stake yourself against your goal and many more
It is the essential one primary requirement. Risk may be moderated, calculated but it must be there.
Innovative: Innovative does not mean something totally new, it is not at all necessary that you require unique, monopoly type idea to start any business. You can start any business and with your innovative nature you can take your venture to new heights. It may be some process innovation, management innovation, production mechanism innovation, marketing innovation …….it may be anything but it must be there. You can say it is secondary requirement.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some good Management and Entrepreneurship things

First of simple definition of the both terms:

Management : to manage the things, it might be administrative, strategically or anything.
Entrepreneur: to initiate and manage and complete and expand
Every Entrepreneur is good manager, but not even 5% managers are good Entrepreneur.

So what stops them to become Entrepreneur…………………………..
is it risk taking ability (but they are taking risk in decisions most of the times at strategic levels),
is it lack of exp or edu (they got topmost education and exp since their childhood most of the cases),
is it their attitude (but they are already successful with same attitude in their professional life)
So list is bit long, we will not go into dipper, because I am more interested in Entrepreneurship……………not the reasons, circumstances, opportunities, background

My driving force is the “DO SOMETHING NEW OR DO SOMETHING IN NEW WAY”, and I don’t see any hurdles like time constraint, support, opportunities not available or anything. They can only delay, but they cant stop you to become Entrepreneur. This feeling is within most of the time, and by chance sometimes. There are some examples available for motivation purpose like Dhurubhai, Karsankaka and many more. There are some books like “Stay foolish Stay focused” “ Connect the dots”, “management ni bodhkathao”, “Good to Great” which will surely made you feel like Entrepreneur or good manager.

Now lets look at one real-time example of innovative Entrepreneur,
• At Tirupati, in main bazaar area, one person has started a new kind of shop, where there is only sitting arrangement with AC and good relaxing chairs and TV…………he is charging some 20-30 rs/hour for the same………….

Rest continued ……………………in part 2