You are welcome

You are welcome

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Transform your Life ………..Part2 ………Clarity in Life

We had seen in this post about overall outline of transforming the life. Now let’s see the setting priorities part in detail. Overall outline is like this;

S )           Do you have any chart prepared for next 5 years, 10 years or so.
U )          Have you done your own SWOT analysis
C)            Do you have defined your priorities
c)            Have you written your desires and GOALS, both are totally different things.
e)            Do you have any detailed written action plan for each of your goal
s)            Do you have monitoring mechanism in place.

Priorities: Human life is driven by priorities. Sometime we predefine it and in most of the cases we have to do that dynamically. So which one is the best?

Predefined Priorities            OR   Dynamic Priorities

My priority is PREDEFINED one, because it gives CLARITY. Clarity about further course of life, our actions and our goals. Everything is so much clear that there is least chance of confusion or duality. So which are the set of things, defining which we can have 90 % clarity in our future life.

I have done this and by doing the same you can also get the peace of mind, faster actions and less hurdles in your achievements. 

These are the things which need to be setup once; later on you will follow it automatically. Only some practice needed. It might be possible that due to some circumstances, you may not in state of predefined priority but keeping in the mind the same; you will definitely get the same within short time:
  •  1      Money or Family    
  • 2       Job You want OR Job you got
  • 3      Self pride OR Relationship
  • 4      Family or Friends
  • 5      Mother, Father Vs the Rest
  • 6      થોડું થોડું સુખ કે ઘણું બધું સુખ એક સાથે (want frequent happiness in day to day life OR want it in gross  after some time)
Now comes the main part
  • 7      Your Mother OR Your Wife              ----- Define it and read it out with your wife/mother, it will eliminate 50 % problems of yours.
  • 8      Routine life OR innovation in Life every day.
  • 9     Goals OR Desire
  • 10   Money for future OR Money for current
  • 11  Family values OR personal priorities    
  • 12   Always trust others OR always suspect others.
  • 13   Risk OR routine
  • 14   Family first OR Nation first.
  • 15   Set the example or Follow the example

I have identified and defined above things and shown it to my wife and conveyed to my mother also, I have also encouraged my wife to do the same and she did it also. Result of the same is that we don’t have single quarrel in our 8 year of married life on the topic of my mother or my family.
Choosing 15 things above will not only give you clarity in your day to day life, but it will so many hurdles knowingly or unknowingly.

Please note that we are social animals and we are living in society, freedom is necessary but there are certain limits/boundaries, we need to take decision accordingly and appropriately. And once done, stick with it. Out next chapter will be on honoring you words, which is relevant to current one also. 

In coming post we will see goal setting.