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Monday, January 23, 2012

Gujarat Tourist Places Khambhat and Dakor


I have enjoyed this year Utarayana at four places (14 and 15Jan), which includes Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, tarapur and Khambhat. I would like to have my readers aware about Khambat’s Utarayan.  Khambhat is nearly 100 KM away from Ahmedabad and known as navabi state and famous for stylish kite manufacturing and Halwasan (sweet item).
  •          Khambhat is already known for its good looking Kites all over the Gujarat. These kite prices are slightly higher than normal one and mostly buy these kites regularly for show off .
  •          Now, in Khambhat they used to fly big size and very big size kites on the day of Utarayana and Vasi-Utarayana. This thing is common for them while in other part of Gujarat, people generally used to fly one big kite at the end of day or once in a day.
  •          Lastly, they specially celebrate DARIYAI Utarayana on particularly SUNDAY, which comes after Vasi Utaraya (15th Jan). In this celebration whole city people comes to coastal lines of Khambhat, where very big fields for salt growers are there. It is like fun fair for them, all people are flying kites and enjoying, there are so many eatery points. Colorful kites are lying in the large salt ponds.
For photos related to Khambhat Utarayana, you can visit my last year post regarding the same here. Also find here some photos of entrance of Khambhat, you will be welcomed by plenty of Coconut and TADI trees and one beautiful small lake and zig-zag road. 

Now coming to Dakor part, I had visited my uncle place these days, where I have clicked some photos, where I used to spend my all the vacations from childhood to 22 age. My three uncle owns a Temple of Shree RAM and Hanuman, which is almost 200 years old (may be more than that). Our home is so big that we dont need to go outside to play hide and seek and other games. There is one Gaushala there, very giant Godown is there and plenty rooms for visitors.

See this image, even before 150 year, how good they were at design and casting. Just look at the words “ramji mandir” which means “RAMJI TEMPLE”. This whole place is called Ram_mahel and exactly opposite to Shree RAM,SITAJI and LAXMANJI temple, there is one more temple of Shree Hanumanji (almost 15Ft idol). There is one well also within the building, where our cricket ball used to drown frequently.

Now see this image, the front gate of the house, the giant wooden gate. Here my uncle used to offer prayer for Shree Ranchodrayji, when there was special celebration for Dushera, where God used to visit one near by place on the Elephant. So from the gallery above the giant gate, Elephant used to stood up and one of the my uncle do the AARTI. That scene was amazing.

Now, see the tiles here, which are 150 years old and also see the RAM-PANCHAYAT photos carved on the surrounding wall of the main temple.

And Finally, the bell and ZALAR which I used to play during morning and evening daily AARTIs.

For more updates on Dakor and other tourist places you can refer  this post

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gujarat Tourist Places-- NaL Sarovar…………..Watched more boats than Birds……Even sea-gulls were hard to find

Hi Friends,
First have a look at this photo.

You might think these all are birds, but see it properly, these all are boats full  of tourists (including me). 
Tow days back (Sunday-8th dec 2012), I went to Nalsarovar with one of my friend. I went there after almost 4 years, and situation is changed totally. Some key points: 

  • Generally Nalasarovar is popularly known as biggest bird century . You can find lakhs of bird of some hundreds of species in the Nalsarovar as it is wide enough around 120 SQ KM area.
  • There are more than 200 hundred cars and around 10 luxuries there in the parking, more than 200 school children and so many young boys and girls groups.
  • Govt has disallowed cars to till the Nalsarovar actual site, they have made good parking space  almost 2 KM before the actual site. But they people allowed auto-rikhshow in that 2KM portion.
  •  Boatmans are taking their own charge against predefined rates.
  • Now some information and suggestion:
  • If you really want to see birds reach there by at least 7AM. Real bird watchers are there before 6AM. For the same you need to start minimum
  • Go for max bargaining with boatman. There are 300 fixed for small 1 hour ride. While for big trip they will ask for 2250 or 1650 , but stick with 600-800 only they will surely come down. We went for 2 and half hour ride for 800.
  • Ask boatman to turn right or left or let the boat into grass if you see any bird, they will drive to the grass, no problem in that.
  • On the watchtower island, don’t miss to eat “Bajra na Rotala” and “bhadthu”. They will tell you only one rotla in 50Rs but again do the bargaining, they will give 2 rotla and chas and gol and two subji.
  • * finally don’t don’t miss the Horse riding. If you fond of riding alone, go for big ride Rs80 or 120 round. You will surely enjoy as I did.

HORSE WILL MAKE YOU 0-100KM speedy Guy in just 3 Seconds. You will realize why engine capacity is related with horsepower.Each and every part of your body will get the exercise.

  • if you are planning for 300 small ride, don’t go for it as it will not allow you to see any bird, except some sea gulls.  And if you are going for long ride bargain at max.

Road was in good condition till Nalsarovar and there are so many bungalow schemes , with only good looking front. 

If you are a really taste lover, gujju, don’t forget to eat “GANTHIYA’ at the SANAND, GALODHA TALAV CHAR RASTA named “SAURASHTRA GANTHIYA”.  You will surely forget taste of laxmi ganthiya rath , a famous one in Ahmedabad.

For any other detail, you can contact me. Contact detail is shown at top right hand side. You can see all other post related to travelling in Gujarat in this blog.