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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gujarat travel and torism 5 -- Black buck (kaliyar) and Dhuvaran

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In this travel and tourism series of Gujarat, we have covered so many places till date. In current post, I am going to cover VelaVadar KALIYAR (deer) sanctuary near Bhavnagar and Dhuvaran.

velavadar kaliyar (black buck) sanctuary: 
It is the sactuary for rare Kaliyars, deer looking animal with best horn on their head. If you are lucky enough you can see the same from the main highway (Ahmedabad-bhavnagar) else you have to go deeper in the mini forest like area. But this animal is worth to watch once on free run.
Friends, believe me I had seen one totally WHITE kaliyar in the plain fields during my last visit to Bhavnagar some 5-6 years ago. Me and my friend was on scooter and followed this group for some time, but whenever we approach them 2-3 steps, they step back 4-5 steps (did not run). We did that for 2-3 times and later on they run away and disappeared in forest like area.

This place is on route to Ahmedabad-Bhavnagar (vataman cross road route). After 30-35 km from Vataman cross road towards Bhavnagar, this area starts. Don’t miss to see LOTHAL (ancient site like Dholavira), which is nearby to Vataman cross road. You can plan one day trip for this Kaliyar and Lothal. 

This place is actually thermal power station for Gujarat Government, but it is located on bay of cambay, which is charm to see. Sea shore is not like goa, mumbai, but place is awesome. There is one temple called “DOSLI MATA MANDIR” on the bank of this beach, which is now developed beautifully. During the high tide water flows directly in to this temple steps and sometimes into temple itself, while during normal days you have to step down some 15-20 steps to reach the water level, which is almost dried during normal days. The picture is like “C” shape.

This place is some 100Km from Ahmedabad near Khambhat (cambay).



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