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Monday, July 23, 2012

Dakor Ranchodrayji – Part 5 Jay Ranchod, nothing else.

We have seen history upto almost V.S 1750 in this series, where Lord krishna Idol got name of RAnchod MATA also and got true Sadhu-Mahatma also who had identified the God and started daily Pooja-Path at right place. 

Part1   -- Describes Detail and know story of Bodano and Dwarka, some unknown facts and many more 

Part2   -- Describes what happened in Dakor. There are also some self experiences mentioned which are worth to read, after reading you will definitely go for it for sure. 

Part 3  -- Describes What happened to Krishna Idol after Bodano died, for almost 300 years. Lying idle and worshiped by Adivasis  mostly and many more things. 

Part4    --Describes what happened after when one able sadhu-mahatma arrives and made small temple at actual location

Part5   -- Describes how lakshmiji temple built first and then how current Ranchodrayji temple built. What are the traditions followed then and now.

Part6  --Given “Ranchod bavni” in gujarati and one imaginary Bhajan by PArsi Manoos for Lord Krishna (actual by some unknown)

Now comes one more twist, it is about general tease between husband and wife, same happened to Lakshmiji and husband Vishnuji also, to show her at higher stage goddess Lakshmiji appeard in dream to one of the richest businessman in Khambhat state. She ordered him to make a temple in Dakor of her and place Krishna Idol into that temple. That businessman did the same and I am sure you have visited Laksmiji temple of Dakor, which is elder than current Ranchodji temple is the same one where Goddess Lakshmiji reside as a main character.

Later on, within next 30-40 years of time, Lord vishwakarma Appeared on behalf of Lord Vishnu into dream of Tambekar (ruler of Dakor governed by Baroda Gaikwad) and said that there is a plan of temple in your office at so and so place, build the giant temple in the ground opposite to Gomti lake. He did the same and today prasad which is offered at Ranchodrayji temple is then routed to Lakshmiji temple. At a fix date Ranchodrayji goes to Lakshmiji temple for some fix time and return back on the same day. There is also one chandbibi dargah adjacent to temple wall at east gate, which is also important. Today temple comes under charity commissioner and there is fix schedule for Brahmins (tapodhan, gugli, and shrigol) for coming 10 years. There is also fix Astrologers specially for temple who decides the directions, timings and dates for any auspicious days round the year and for next 10 years.

Tip1  : Whenever you go to Dakor, don’t forgot to do the Pradakshina, and  don’t miss the Kesar milk and other items which are sold or given as the prasad backside the temple in the pradakshina route. Specially don’t miss Kesar Dudh.

Tip2  : don’t forget to visit Lakshmiji Temple and Dunknath Mahadev Temple as these both are associated with Journy of Lord Krishna during 1212 to 1828. Also go to the Footsteps temple which is actually in the Gomti lake (there is small bridge over there). If you are lucky you will see very giant turtle (almost 4-5ft long ) in the lake.

Tip3  : Don’t miss “ Vatidal na Khaman” made by one deaf and dumb guy located near “Kanku Darwaja” and “Chetan’s Gota” located in “Vada Bajar” area. Both are nearby to the temple. and both are famous one, you can ask any shopkeeper there. 

Tip4 : During Diwali time perioed, it is really nice to be there in Dakor. The Atmosphere is really astonishing , people across dakor walking here and there in every temples. Lakshmiji temple, Hanumanji temple located opposite to Gomti Lake, Kuleshwari Mata temple and many more. Everyone dressed in new cloths, shaking hands with each other. It was so good that I love to be there. 

Tip5:  If possible be there at Dakor during night at Dushera time when Lord Ranchodrayji goes out of Dakor for hanging rakhi which he has tied during RAkshabandhan to the one tree (Khijdo) outside dakor. This place is called “ranchodrayji ni vadi”. Lord were sitting on elephant and musicians  with flute and dhol in hand played dhun all around the trip.

This is it from my end, anyone who has extra information or relavant info, can share via comments or can send me. MAY Lord Krishna fulfill right wishes of all and fuel the Rashtraprem and Gaumata prem into the hearts of all. “JAY RANCHOD”.

My mother Shri Savitriben S Acharya, me and my younger brother Chirag used to sing RANCHOD BAVNI daily during bedtime. Those who are interested in “Ranchod Bavni”, I will post  it in my next blogpost, also one sweet funny HAJAN based on Lord Krishna  sung by a parsi guy will also be posted.


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