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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dakor Ranchodrayji – Part 3 What happened after Bodano died

Hi Dear Readers, 

We have gone through some known facts, stories, some imp self experiences in previous two posts mentioned here:

Now totally unknown portion comes. You will not find any suitable information regarding this anywhere, even if the official history released by Dakor temple committee here

When soldiers from Dwarka had killed Bodano and later on weighting and all that done, Idol of Lord Dwarkadish lying on the bank of Gomti only, half in to the mud.  It was lying there as it is for so many years, almost 200-250 years. 

Now comes the interesting part, if you have noticed during shringar of Ranchodrayji idol currently, and if you have noticed at that particular time the head of the idol, there is a mugat carved by default in the idol which looks like Adivasi queen (feathers of peacock on both the sides). So because of this thing, people living around Dakor (who were mostly Adivasis and lower castes) felt that this idol is of Goddess  and they even named if “RANCHOD  MATA”. They started to offer goats to Ranchod Mata once their wishes completes. This has happened actually. Blood of goats had been there in front of idol.  

This thing continued for almost 200 years. Idol was still there on the bank of Gomti Lake, half in the mud.

We have talked about the thing happened during V.S 1212 to around V.S 1500. Still there is almost 300 years left before which current temple of Lord Krishna built. Actual temple got built and completed in V.S 1828 (in our term year 1772).

So still there are three twists left before out series ends. Till then enjoy reading and go to the Dakor even if you got little chance or time.

Tip1  : Whenever you go to Dakor, don’t forgot to do the Pradakshina, and  don’t miss the Kesar milk and other items which are sold or given as the prasad backside the temple in the pradakshina route. Specially don’t miss Kesar Dudh.

Tip2  : don’t forget to visit Lakshmiji Temple and Dunknath Mahadev Temple as these both are associated with Journy of Lord Krishna during 1212 to 1828. Also go to the Footsteps temple which is actually in the Gomti lake (there is small bridge over there). If you are lucky you will see very giant turtle (almost 4-5ft long ) in the lake.

Tip3  : Don’t miss “ Vatidal na Khaman” made by one deaf and dumb guy located near “Kanku Darwaja” and “Chetan’s Gota” located in “Vada Bajar” area. Both are nearby to the temple. and both are famous one, you can ask any shopkeeper there.


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