You are welcome

You are welcome

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adhyatma…..Human Incarnation……Who am I……Able Guru…….Kundalani……Moksha


I have got one very very special book on Adhyatma few months back.  I have gone through some of the chapter and realized that this will be final book on Adhyatam from my side. I have decided that I will not buy any books on adhyatma topic furthermore. I had read number of books on same topic earlier, but was never satisfied with any of them. Now the book I got accidentally as a gift or as a token from someone (long story behind it), has clarified each and every questions in my mind. Questions which are common in nature and related to our identity, identity of earth and universe, related to GOD  and everything else.

I would like to share the crux of this book which is written as five greatest things happen to oneself on second page of book itself. It mentions five greatest things happen to the oneself. Just  go through it and decide at which stage you are and how many are there further and how many are in your control and how many are out of your reach. 

  1.       To be part of humankind by being born as He/Her
  2.      To have a question in mind “Who am I ?”
  3.       To be found by able Mentor (GURU) 
  4.       To Awaken Kundalani of oneself under guidance of able mentor.
  5.       Finally, get MOKSH, the greatest one. 

This seems five simple things, but each can cost one or mostly more incarnations.  Point 2 & 4 can be in our hand, rests are not in our control.

Since you are reading this means you have already achieved point number 1 and in this post I will discuss about point number 2 in brief while rest will be covered in coming posts. Consider yourself lucky as you have cleared point 1, because without being a human Moksha is not achievable at all and one get human incarnation after very long journey. 

Point number 2 is tricky one, this question arises to most of us and most of us takes it as usual thing and go ahead with our routine life. Those who got real instinct to get answer of this question, will not seat idle and try to get answer of this question by reading or by asking the same question to his mentor, Maharaj or near ones.  Actually this question comes with series of questions, like;
  •       Who am I
  •       Am I alone in this universe
  •       How this universe got created
  •       Who controls it
  •       Is incarnations theory is right
  •      What is relation between Karma and luck.
  •     And many more.

This is actually good sign, and consider it as a tick mark that you have cleared point 2 mentioned above.


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