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You are welcome

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just an observation : burden on little one’s mind for learning

Hi All;

My own daughter has come to 1st std. Just now, I realized one strange phenomena with her education. We Indians communicate generally in our mother tounge, then in Hindi and lastly in English if required. So our children generally knows his/her mother tongue fluently, but HINDI and English need to be learned. Now in current scenario of English medium craze (I am also included), see the strange  thing here:  She can;

Gujarati : Mother tongue, can speak very well, but can’t read it or identify a single word.
Hind: A subject comes in 1st std, can speak little bit and can’t identify the words in hindi
English: since she is in English medium (a mistake), she can’t speak English at all, but can identify all the 26 alphabets.

What a confusing situation, just wondering what happens to little brain of my child, so I am not pressurizing her for marks or force her to learn everything immediately. She will surely learn at some mature age. Also instructed my wife the same thing and let little one flow in her own way, anything she likes. Seriously, will not do this mistake again for future one, letting him/her be in Gujarati medium only.  

Share your views and observations regarding the same by commenting. 


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