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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some really good GUJARATI gujju stuff -- Books, Adhyatma, Songs, Natak and many more


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 A humble request to you all .......

Being a GUJARATI, most of us might have gone through below stuff already. But I represent here mostly for our youth, for all-in-one collection purpose, to mesmerize etc. Whatever you like, but go through once and spread it as much as possible.
I know we do not have much reading time in current lifestyle, but below books are worth to read. I have selected few books in every subject, I call it gem, later on you decide.
Gujarati Books:
During my childhood, I used to read CHAMPAK and NAVNEET SAMARPAN (I think it is the oldest magazine) at my grandpa’s house. Later on during my 10th , 11th and 12th: I had read so many Gujarati Books. Mainly in three categories
1)     Gujarat History in the form of books; Which includes
Gujarat no NATH, Patan ni Prabhuta, Rajadhiraj, Prithvivallabh, Jay Somnath and many more by Shri Kanaiyalal Munshi. There after read whole PATAN based series of Shri Gunvantray Acharya like Sidhraj Jaisinh, Minaldevi, Achaldevi, Ra Navghan and some 4-5 more in the series.
·        Seriously this Patan series books are so damn good, that you cannot stop yourself after reading any one.
2)     Gujarati Novels
Seriously I have read only 4-5 Gujarati Authors like K Munshi, Gunvant Acharya, Varsha Adalaja and Harkishan Mehta, Ashivini Batt. I have read so many novels written by them, but best of them are as below;
My Most fav:
OOTAR  (ઓથાર) written by Ashvini Bhatt.
Then Pila Rumal Ni Ganth by Harkisan Mehta.

·        Othar story is such an intresting that I had finished within 2-3 days though there was 10th final examination ahead of few days.
3)    Adhyatm/personal experiece
I read few such books, but best of them are “Aghor Nagara Vage 1&2”  by Shri Mohanlal Agrawal & “Karma No Sidhdhant” by Shri Manibhai Thakkar.
This Aghor one best describes some of the places like Panchal Pradesh (surrounding are of Surendranagar), Mount Abu (We all know tourist place Abu, but in this book he has described Abu adhayatmickly). While in Karm book he has mostly cleared our doubts about Karma (Work) and Bhaga (fortune). You just read it.
Above all I recommend to all my readers books by Jain muni Shri Vijayratnasuriji maharaj;1) Lakhi Rakho Aaras ni Takti Par – based on father-son relationship. If you are son please read it and If you are a father please buy it and give it to your son or daughter. I bat you people either you are father or son, you will surely cry once  2) Zer Jyare Nitri Jay Che – It is based on Saas and Bahu relations. Again samething as above.

*I have read most of the above books during my higher standard examination. But with God grace I passed with more than Distinction.

Gujarati Natak:
I have seen very strange thing that in Mumbai, there are so many Gujarati Natak shows everyday and nearly 20-30 shows during weekends at  Boriwali, Ghatkoper and Andheri. In contrast, in Ahmedabad, there are hardly 2-3 shows during weekend. In mumbai every saturday and Sunday local Gujarati news paper filled with adv of Nataks (you dont believe whole 2-3 pages).
Now coming to our topic, during my Mumbai stay of almost one and half year I have seen many Gujju Nataks, but best among them is “Baa ee Mari Boundry”. All other natak have some bogus stories, some double meaning dialoges and some unknown character. But in above natak, everting is perfect.
I strongly suggest, all of you to see it once, it has high class humour, comedy and story. Specially that foreign return character.

Gujarati Songs:
Again there are two categories, filmy and folk including bhajans. I like the below folk songs and Bhajan most;
Rangai ja ne tu rang ma, Dhuni re dhakhavi.....alak tara nam ni , Pan Lilu Joyu ne ..., Umbre ubhi ......bol walam na, Krishna bhagvan chaliya........dwarika ni tire, Maro helo samblo, Nayan ne band rakhi ne, Vithal vithal vithala and many more.
Movie songs:
Ame maiyara re......gokul gam na, Jag re malan jag, Hu tu tu tu......chali ramat ni rutu, chel-chabila gujarati and some more.

Gujarati Magazine:
Earlier it was Champak, Navneet Samarpan, Safari and currently addicted to GUJARAT magazine by Gujarat Government.

Readers, I have soft copy of all above things except books, so if anyone is intrested in getting the same, I will happly give it. Currently I am searching all the books mentioned above for my library collection. I have already wrote about best Gujarati food places all over Gujarat and Best  Gujarati known and unknown tourist places in previous articles.
Above all I have also written article on NRGs (non residential Gujarati). If you have not read it before and not bored up to this line you can read it at;

Herewith ending up writing my love toward Gujarat. I know, there will be some people who will surely criticize me about not writing the same in Gujarati, I apologize for the same in advance. 

Please don’t stop yourself to write a comment and also if possible click on Google ads, I am going to donate the earnings from adsense to mentally retired people and Panjrapol (shelter for holy cows) as mentioned at top right corner. 

Author can be reached at and 9925485155 as I have shifted to Ahmedabad finally. 

 A humble request to you all .......


Chirag said...

Good Information, But Pila Rumal ni ganth' author is not Gunvant Acharya, authos is Harkishan Mehta

Anonymous said...

Genial post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

Keta Joshi said...

Adhyatmik pustak ni vaat che to pachi "himalaya na Sidhdh Yogi" (originally written by Swami ram and translated by Kundanikabahen Kapadia.)pustak kevi rite yaad karya vina rahi jay? Vachakone ek vaar vanchi java khas namra vinanti.
Keta Joshi.
Toronto, Canada.

Anonymous said...

please mail me the book "aghor nagara vage" and "lakhi rakho aras ni takti par" i really need it.

my email

thanks & regards

pratik shah said...

please mail me Lakhi Rakho Aaras ni Takti Par

Anand Tanna said...

"aghor nagara vage" is available at

Anonymous said...

pls mail
zeh jyare nitri jaay che

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