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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No Mobile, no watch, no light .............and sea water covering three sides.......Dunny Point

UPDATE : Same program from YHAI on coming FEB 2013: click for more detailsor see the latest post of this blog about upcoming trekking program and family program

Read further about dunny here, some rules and regulations at site. 

 A humble request to you all .......


I was at Dunny Point (island) during 29 to 31st January 2011, 25KM from Dwarka. Now questions arise; 
  • What is Dunny point  ?
  • why one should know about dunny point ?
  • why one should be interested in Dunny Point?

Dunny Point:
Some History and location information first:

Almost all the Gujjus are aware of Dwarka and Bet Dwarka. For others, Dwarka is the place where Lord Krishna had established his own state during his last time (which is under the sea water now).  It is located at the Western end point of whole INDIA. Means, Gujarat is the western state of India ann now Okha-Dwarka is the final endpoint of Gujarat in West direction. 

Now Talking about Bet (beyt) Dwarka, it is the island near Okha where Lord Shri Krishna’s 16000 wife used to live. This island is totally uneven, it got its tail type surface which is called DUNNY  POINT. You can see in below picture everything, Dwarka-OKHA-Bet Dwarka-Dunnypoint.

So some quick point:
  • Dwarka is about 550+ KM far from Gujarat’s center point Ahmedabad.
  • Okha is some 22 Km from the Dwarka.
  • Bet dwarka is almost .5 nautical mile from Okha (10-15) min boat ride, while Dunny point is about 1 and half hour boat ride from OKHA. 

Now, Dunny point in detail:

If you want to experience;
  • sea, dolphin, loneliness,
  • no electricity, no mobile, natural facilities only
  • corals colony, water covering your three sides (during night time, it comes up to your tent),
  • star-gazing with maximum visible stars in the sky, sunset and sunrise in the sea only,
  • want to acquainted with sea life, bird watching, want to find out coral and other sea gems from the coast and many more things.
 If you have fond of any of above then Dunny point is perfect place for you.

So stay tuned for more information on this Dunny point trip including photos, thrilling experiences, and knowledge I acquired during this trip. 

Till that promote my trip experience at this location; 


For further information & booking: Mr Rajendra Jadeja     and youth hostel website

For Video:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=abf00c1b3ff5a81d&biw=1280&bih=653


Deboshree said...

Sounds like an interesting place. No mobile is the best part about it. :)
Good luck with the contest.

Punit Dubey said...

This year I may plan to ride to Dwarka, thanks for sharing the information...

hp printers said...

The post that you have made over here containing the beauty of India is really nice so that people can know about it. There are lots of beauty in the India.

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jenny said...

omg...... no word 4 u..... u r owsum photographer... need 2 knw more abt gujarat,.... n pls suggest me some gud place near ahmedabad ...trip for 2 days with husband...:P
pls do answer me....:) thank u...

Anonymous said...

it's beautyfull snd select place in world

Kishan Patel said...

its a very very very very .................
i can't explain it.......

Anonymous said...

How to Book a Trip OR reach there

Anonymous said...

sounds interesting

Kovuri said...

Dunny point sounds very interesting, very few people know about it.

mehul goswami said...

dwarka tour call : 9275190809

Unknown said...

Itz amazing place....

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