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You are welcome

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gujarat and its development

Hi Friends,

Most of the people know/see Gujarat through lens of Biased Media/Print Please read this post without any prejudice/Purvagraha. You just read first than compare it with half hearted truth/propaganda spread by media. Now you will see something that you might not know or you know only some portion of it. In coming posts I will try to accommodate all the ground level facts with Government initiative and results with substantial evidence/reports. But first be clear on below mentioned facts;

· There is a difference between development on paper and ground level situation. Like you say
Gujarat is developed before àYes some extent it is so, but mostly on paper
· Make your belief only after substantial facts/evidence, don’t go on simple figures on paper or given by anyone specially media. Because you now know vested interest of this media/persons.
· Goals/Schemes without any action is dream only. -à You will clearly see this in coming posts
· Action also needs to be in right direction and with some kind of mentoring. --- In coming post.
· Gujarat has developed more in recent years -à Even media is accepting it. We will see it with facts in coming posts.
· With only government schemes, success cannot be achieved, you will require public-private participation also. And finally
· Strong Leadership is required, which can motivate people, employees and have clear vision.

Here in future series of posts, you will get exactly how and when Gujarat made such development with giving more details on above mentioned points.
You all have heard/seen on media how Gujarat is growing. How Narendra Modi has transformed Gujarat. But wherever good things happen, always there are elements that dislike it/trying to defame or even stop it for their vested interest. You all wanted to know also why/how Gujarat is making such progress. Here in this series I will give you daily/periodically various steps/initiatives/schemes taken by Gujarat Government/Narendra Modi to make such progress.
Header of coming post in order are as below;

1) Gujarat Till 2001
2) Gujarat as on 2009 after 2001
3) Government Initiative series
3A. Jyotigram year & result (2003).
3B. Tourism year & result.(2005)
3c. Panchayat (Encroachments removing) year (2004)
3d. Nirmal Nirogi year (2007)
We may continue this 3 series with some other initiative
4) Leadership of Narendra Modi
5) Media and Modi.
6) Judge yourself. Voting on this post.
In between this post you will also get some info tips from me specially things which I had done or doing (where to find good places for travelling, eating, contacts etc)

So enjoy reading at and keep replying in comments as well as mails.


dharmendra said...

nice Himanshu. i can see vary big difference in mentality and behaviour of police. when last time police caught me without license on schooter, they request me vary polietly.. before 2001 police use to talk with you bad manners all the time.. so this good start in change of people and police mentality..

asavin said...

best luck, you are doing a noble service to gujarat & gujaratis. keep up the good work. I came across your blogspot through . I will be visiting your blogspot very often.
see you till then

ashwin patel

demo said...

Simply wonderful Job. I am eagerly waiting for your future Blogs from this series.

I am quite confident that you will complete half article from one of the English speaking media person Veer Sanghvi (Who is also called him as a proud Gujarati like Rajdeep Sardesai)on Narendra modi's victory ( In his own word about Narendra Modi, I would also like to say that I am not a fan of Veer Sanghvi. Though I strongly believe that his article has nothing to do with Narendra modi’s victory (this is one of the reason I said that I am eagerly waiting of your future blog from this series ), the facts he portrayed in his own words about Gujarat, Gujarati people and Gujarati renaissance before 2001 are somehow true.

I will really enjoy your future blog about all initiatives from Modi government. Do you think Caste barriers is still relevant in Gujarat Politics ?


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