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You are welcome

Monday, March 23, 2015

Optimism...............beyond it, trasformation

Transform your life -- Rule 1 --- Basic Needs
This whole series of "TRANSFORMATION" is devoted to youth, students who are going to kick off their life. If they are clear, focused and ready for action, they will surely achieve their goals.

First of all, check do you really want abnormal, transformed life or only thinking about it in the night dreams.
            S )   Do you have any chart prepared for next 5 years, 10 years or so.

            U )  Have you done your own SWOT analysis
C)     Do you have defined your priorities
c)      Have you written your desires and GOALS, both are totally different things.
e)      Do you have any detailed written action plan for each of your goal
s)      Do you have monitoring mechanism in place.

We are not talking about score here, here our life is at stake and we must have to live life at our will not the others. Please not that this whole exercise is to provoke you and your thought system. It is upto you only to live like that, work accordingly for the same and planning for the same.

If you are doing following thing, please leave it behind and made up your mind with simple logic that only action will give result, nothing else. You will see how FOOL we are till date. 

F)      We are in search of best solution, in search of the same we are not applying better one also.
O)    We are in search of risk free, lower risk business and delaying our own startup in the name of fear of failure. Actually we are lazy ones, who are reading, searching the things, explore the things…………..but do not want to apply it.
 O)   We always thinks about fear of failure but we never think of joy of doing the things.
L)      It is all about easy and hard, we always want easy work and hard returns, but actually only hard work can give hard returns. So lets face it.

So let’s start it afresh. Lets not waste time in endless planning and calculations and start taking action in every front. Let’s create SUCCESS and live SUCCESS (mentioned above). It is the base-pillar-foundation. Make it strong, take enough time to write it down. I had taken full 3 month to do so, but I tasted transformed life after that, till date.

It we apply this optimism/transformation in our life, it will automatically beneficial to whole world. Future of ours will be good if we are consistent with this methodology. 
Now we will see some more stuff in coming post.
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