You are welcome

You are welcome

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How can be the single person helpful to so many…….best example Narendra Modi !!!!!


You might have surprised with the subject itself, but read till the end of article and you will get the context right. 

A single person can be remembered for his direct or indirect contribution. This can be positively and negatively both depending on person and and the receivers. Now let’s see how Modi is useful to so many people, organization, business houses  and many others directly and indirectly. 

In Gujarat (directly):
  •       He is beneficial to all 6 crore Gujjus as he has provided good road, electricity and water to all.
  •      He is beneficial to industries as he has laid red carpet to them
  •      He is beneficial to farmers as they got their income increased from merely 8K crore to 60K crore.

This list is very long, and being a outsider to Gujarat, many people don’t like to go in detail. Now let’s see he is beneficial  outside to Gujarat

Outside Gujarat: 

  •       Due to most secular reporting on Gujarati 2002 and Modi, many reporters got honored .  Some of them are       Rajdeep sardesai and Barkha Dutt got Padma Shri in 2008 by most secular Govt UPA ,Tista got award for herself and NGO. The list is too long, just remember the sequences.  
  •       Due to continuously “Tang Khinchai” of Modi, Tista Setlvad and Medha Patkar got some awards and place in some prestigious advisory borads of central govt.
  •       Due to their best efforts for making Gujarat Govt & Modi, busy in legal battles, NGO’s of Tista and Medha patkar got excessive foreign funds.
  •       Many unknown seculars got place in discussions and debate on Narendra Modi, whos contribution to society is zero. They are mostly called verbal icons rather than action icons.
  •       Whenever any news channels need TRP booster dose, they arrange debate on Modi, Gujarat and 2002 in prime time even in 2012. Believe me this the perfect remedy for them for TRP boosting. Most of the news channels use these remedies regularly, effectively during off election time and during election time, whenever they require.
  •       News channel got not only TRP booster dose, but got monetary help from rivals also to malign Modi’s image at max.
  •       Any lallu-panju politicians, who want to be famous  need to give speech against Modi and they immediately got focused by above biased  media.
  •       Whenever congress requires mileage in elections outside Gujarat, they use this so called electronic media and CBI in the name of 2002 and fake encounters.  You might have seen increase in Modi and 2002 related programs during election season.

So in a nutshell, one can say Modi is money-making, TRP-making, fame-making, award-making factory(not the machine, because output is so high) for the so called Secular-Activists, so called neutral Media, so called journalist-reporters, and so called  NGO. 

We will dissect their style of functioning further in next article, but till then you simply ponder about two thing:
  •     Have you seen any journo, reporter asking modi about Gujarat development story or Agri miracle …………….their only and only question is about 2002. Modi had so many times in open discussion invited them to prove him wrong, but they are not interested in development stories at all. 
  •    Against more than 100 fake encounters in Maharshtra, AP, UP, Bihar and many other states, they only sees Gujarat related cases, where total number of cases is merely 20-25.


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