You are welcome

You are welcome

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So what makes up the person cheerful and happy..........................Long Hobby list


  • I like to collect old coins and stamps     ---- I got collection of over 100 old coins and 15 stamps, out of which some is almost 200 hundred years old. 
  • I like to play chess                      ---- learn from father and playing it very good, if anyone interested we can arrange it at my home
  • I like to play badminton         --- I used to bunk our engineering lectures to play badminton (specially doubles)
  • I like to play cricket, table-tennis,football, and many more games whenever I got chance. 
  • I like to go for adventure trips, trekking , youth hostel camps     --- I had been to many local and national treks, and ready to go anywhere without single question.
  • I like to eat roadside food, tryout any variety of food   ------ in single quote "I love to eat"
  • I like to try new things, configure new things and explore new possibilities in any field
  • Above all I like to share, share everything I know
Friends, above list is too short, I have many more hobbies and desires and goals which makes me cheerful happy, motivated and focused.

So in nutshell, make your hobby list as long as you can (if it is not, add some to your list), be clear about desire and goals, list out your priorities and you will see total change in your life.

I will put photos of my coin collection in near future.



Anonymous said...

You forgot to add your reading hobby, which is i think rank first among all these.
I can not forget the way you helped me getting my favorit book. Love to read your blog.
Wish you good luck!
Keta Joshi.
Toronto, Canada.

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