You are welcome

You are welcome

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What keeps up all driving, what is missing ..................hobby list part-2

Hi Friends,

First of all prioritize:

What do you want -------- routine life OR new-changed--extraordinary non-routine life?

Most of us will give answer non-routine life as usual. But they will fail to elaborate more to their answer. Because they have DESIRE to live non-routine life, but they don’t have any sub-sequent GOALS to be so. There is major difference between goal and desire, which is ACTION.

In short;  In most of the case, without any divine help desire will be your desire only, without any results. Because
Desire  - Action = Desire only
non-routine life 
No action at all, duality in every field, no vision, no priorities in life
Same non-routine life 

While in the case of GOAL, end result is assured, GOAL is something like this

Goal = Desire  + Action
Extraordinory non-routine life 
non-routine life 
set of priorities, plans, risk, new initiatives, to do lists  etc 

So what makes person living routine life throughout the life;

You might have heard most of the aged people saying like this: If I did blah-blah at the age of 30-40, I might be at different place today, I might be billionaire today, I might be more satisfied(happy) today and so on ……………………………….

IT WAS THE ACTION, which was missing at the age of 30-40 or so. It was the lack of risk taking ability at that particular time.

So friends, introspect yourself and find out your desire and convert it into your goal and start taking actions, so that at-least you don’t have to say the same thing at the age of 60.

I will share more on how to convert desire into goal in sub sequent posts.


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