You are welcome

You are welcome

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feeling proud father in news headlines for good reason

Hi Friends,

First some background: 
My Father is Civil Surgeon in Govt Hospital (Boss) at taluka place. After 4-5 transfers, he was placed at Santrampur (near Godhra, dahod.........) during 2001. After long period of nearly 10 years, once again he has been transferred to the remote place (Jamkhambhaliya --near Jamnagar reliance ) again at the age of 58 years. But he is still fit and doing up-dawn during weekends to our gandhinagar home where my mother and family is living.

Now the news:

When he got transferred after 10 years, local newspaper has published emotional article about him, his services to the trible people all in positive manner.

Have a look at it youself.

Now the question: There was general rule in govt that person need to be transferred every 3 year (at higher level) and during his last 3-4 years of service he must be placed to his native place.

But in my father's case both the rules has been twisted.


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