You are welcome

You are welcome

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011, Mahatma Mandir construction updates-4

Hi Friends,

I had posted some photos of Mahatma Mandir from Backside in earlier posts, this time here are some latest photos from the front.

Today I have visited Gandhinagar and above place and made some observations, which are as below;

  • Road work is still pending, however main road is in good condition which leads to the location. 
  • Actual location has not still ready, still some finishing work is going on (construction)
  • They have demolished some Govt 4 storied building to make new road for Mahatma Mandir. 
  • I had visited the same place in past many time, but now it is totally different scenario. 
  • They have cut lots of trees and replanted it at some distinct location through some latest mechanism truck ( I have seen that truck)
  • They have dimolished some hundred zoggies from backside of the site which I had talked earlier. 
  • There have started some local news for traffic diversion and other arrangements in advance. 
  • Looking at the scale of arrangement and time remaining, they will surely make it, no doubt about it, but they have to do lots of firefighting work. 

I will update finally around first week of January. Till then bye and keep visiting and keep clicking on google ads as earning will help the mentally retired people.


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