You are welcome

You are welcome

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GSI (Gujarat State of India) welcomes US Govt Official even they are guilty while USA denied Modi's entry on baseless allegations.

Today, I am just reading one local Gujarat new, which says that some US govt officials are on trip to Ahmedabad -Gujarat. They are visiting site like Newly developed Kankaria Lake, BRTS, Riverfront and many other things. See the photograph and link to that news. So what force them to visit Gujarat.

 I just recall one unforgettable incident three years back, when USA (America) has shown its foolishness by virtually banning Modi entering into America based on propaganda spread by secular jamat of America. Lets see the what happened before three year, during last three year and reactions from various fractions.

 Now lets have some facts: You can verify it from any source, but have at-least 4-5 source, so that you can have at least nearer information.

  • Modi has not asked for Visa at first, he has not even applied for it. 
  • There was one Gujarati Diaspora function organized, where Modi was Chief Guest. 
  • Muslim Groups in America has their influence over some senators, and to showcase their secular face they were opposing Modi's America Visit.
  • They won in their cause by officially announcing their words thorough American Government. 
  • Meanwhile Modi had visited China, Japan, Iserael as a CM without any protest and he did Vibrant Gujarat successfully after such visits. 

Now Indian reaction during that time: 

Our Indian News Media, which also sails in the same boat of fake Secularism, welcomed America's Decision.
Instead of questioning their base of decision officially, our Indian Govt had done nothing in this regard.
BJP and some other parties had raised this question in parliament also, but no one care during that time
Our most neutral, unbiased and lobby-less media had taken stand that US did the right thing by not allowing him. Just see here how they reacted, see the number of comments (2066 comments, I thing highest ever)

Then What did Narendra Modi at that time:

Fortunately I was the witness of Live video-conference done by Modi in reply to US no entry. He had given his speech as per scheduled through Video-conference and I was there at 4.30AM when Modi was addressing the audience at US. He did that VC through worlds largest IP based network owned by Gujarat Government called GSWAN. You can read about GSWAN in detail here.

He had said during his speech that " I will make Gujarat progressed that much so that, one day US citizens will stand in the queue for entry in the Gujarat ". Today we can see that clearly just within 5 years. 

I still have doubt about these US govt official visiting Gujarat, but they are here is a fact.  I know media will not highlight this as usual.I simply cant understand that how can they blame Modi for common reaction caused by 58 death, that also controlled within 2 days and total death toll was under 1000. While US itself did Afghanistan was causing more than 50K death after 9/11 incident. How can we forget Iraq war causing more than 1L not it a simple logic.

See here how Gujarat has progressed during last few years


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