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You are welcome

Friday, September 6, 2013

Oasis Organic Farm and Gaushala…....A Place on the earth where I want to take my family for Holiday

Dear Readers, 
It may look strange to most of readers, but really my whole family consisting my darling wife and little cutie want to go to place where one river, mountain, organic farms, cows, temples coincides. Obviously it depends on one’s nature and choice about places, but luckily our choice is common in this regard.

I had been to this place oasis farm twice in recent years, now just look at Oasis Valleys located @ CHANOD , 70 KM away from Vadodara, a famous city in our Gujarat.  It has

  •          Holy River Narmada just 100 Mt. Away.
  •          It is located on the river banks of Narmada, so there are plenty little mountain for trekking, playing etc.
  •          There are organic farms where we can walk around, can do labour work on our own, can collect the fruits………….do whatever we like to do.
  •          There is one gaushala based on desi cows only (which I like most ) with plenty of small calves, Bullock cart ride etc.
  •          There is one institute over there where we can volunteer, where we can teach our liking/expertise subject to others and can learn whatever we like to learn. There are 24 different activities going on in different classes.
  •          And finally in nearby town of Chanod (1.5Km away), we can find multiple temples where we can worship, can do pooja-vidhi etc. There are more than 100 temples in this town.
  •          There are so many tourist location in and around this place like kevadiay colony(Sardar Sarovar Dam) , dence forest, Garudeshwar etc.  There are so many old ancient monument you can find on road also like tensing lake (5 KM before chanod), dhabhi fort (20KM before chanod)  
I will go for river bath, trekking, gaushala seva and doing innovation in organic farming during my stay. So as mentioned above each of us will get our liking things there and that is the key for inner enjoyment at any place. Otherwise there are so many tourist destinations where we can get good photo frames, but joy is missing. You can have some very good photographs to show others, but you don’t have anything to show for yourself. Here at this place we can have satisfaction, memory for lifetime, and above all one goal to replicate the same.   

This post is meant for indiblogger and contest and to all my blog readers to spend their holiday with nature. Here are some photographs of my earlier visit……..

More details about oasis valleys can be found at


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