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You are welcome

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Melbourne, Australia …….. Honey unlimited for wanderers …….

Hello Friends, 

You might have some reservation against the post heading, but there is a famous tagline “wandering one gathers honey” associated with world’s most popular wanderer’s association “Youth Hostel”. I have made some modification into it and made “wanderer, gather honey” and above blog heading is based on that only. Melbourne has modern architectures, river rafting, skiing, mountaineering, balloon safari, biking, wildlife etc to offer for individual, adventurous, groups, family. So ultimately “Honey unlimited for wanderers”. Now we will look each and everything in detail. 

Wanderer: It may be individual, family, group, adventurous and risk takers, children etc.
Honey: It may be memories, snapshots, lifetime experiences, thrilling experiences etc

I have written on domestic tourist places and that also particularly on Gujarat’s known and mostly unknown tourist destinations. Now this post is all about promoting Cosmopolitan, elegant and chic Melbourne as hottest tourist destination where thrilling world class events and renowned architecture, to café – lined streetscapes and verdant parklands are there. One can visit for very good detailed information about this campaign. 

Now I will go into detail of each and every place in detail and will also mention what I would like to have from the place.  Being a family guy, and risk taker at heart I would like to go for both adventurous and family places. 

I would like to walk on the bare seashore @ gippsland to feel the nature at piece and at free will.

I would like to experience the architectural beauty of Melbourne @ Federation Square, Melbourne museum, scienceworks, Swanston Street and St Kilda Road etc
I would like to go for biking and motor sports @  Phillip Island  to test my risk taking ability at max. 

I would like to go for surfing and skiing @ Mount Buller, Falls Creek ,Hotham, Mt Stirling and Mt BawBaw     for milking natural resources for personal leisure. 

I would like to visit sanctuary, caves,  @ K Rd, Werribee and Elliott Ave, Parkville, Victoria, Buchan Caves , Great Ocean Rd, Marengo   for my kid, who like to make friends be it animals or humans

I would like to visit world class sporting facilities, stadiums @ Phillip Island  , national sports museum and stadium    to take back the same technology and process at my homeland.

I would like to go for ballooning and helicopter experience @ Swan St, Richmond by Global Ballooning     as it is unique one and I would like to do unique things. ($350/per person)

I would like to for Kiteboarding and windsurfing, boating, sailing @ Melbourne itself. 

I would like to go for international standards karting experience @ Auscarts, Port Melbourne for $45

I would like to go for water kingdom experience @ Melbourne Aquarium, Corner King St & Flinders St, Melbourne,

I think 7 days or 10 days is not enough to visit above places and many missing ones.Have some glimpses of places mentioned above: I would like to visit gippsland to explore untouched natural locations as I tend to do new thing or do the thing in new way, which common people cannot dare or think. 

Above website provides very good details from detailed location, map. Prices, operators, photos, videos etc. 

I have toured Melbourne virtually and if this post clicks I can be there physically also. It may be or it may be not but one thing is sure that “it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!”. 

I would like to end my post by promising one thing for sure is that whenever I will be out of India for foreign trip, MELBOURNE will be my first love.


amit ganguly said...

Very informative post indeed with agreeable suggestion that 7-10 days is also not enough to visit Melbourne fully.
Good work.

Nirvana said...

All the very best - you certainly did put up an impressive list ;-)

Promote Your Events said...

I wonder if this blog survives to occur so neatly in the network. Good luck, which you wish.

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