You are welcome

You are welcome

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dunny point-2 unknown tourist place of Gujarat

Now in second post, you will have idea  about particular Dunny point place, rules to be there, what to see, what to not miss during your stay etc.

Be informed about CEE and Sundarvan:

Dunny point is place is totally handled by Sundarvan organization which comes under CEE  (center for Environmetal Education). This Sundarvan is run by Mr Rajendrasinh Jadeja, who also run Sundervan zoo in satellite area of Ahmedabad, this also an unique place for visiting.

  • So Sundervan has set up there some 7-8 huts, and setup some necessary structure there, which are purely natural one. They use solar cell for lighting purpose, drinking water from boat or nearer well (drinking water is like scarce resource there). 
  • This whole camp is opened for 3-4 months only across the year (from Dec-Mar). Booking procedure has been started in Apr-May itself at Ahmedabad Sundervan office. PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY DO NOT ACCEPT INDIVIDUAL BOOKING, YOU MUST HAVE TO BE IN GROUP.
  • Generally it is 2 night and 3 days kind of outing. Charges, I don’t know exactly, because I have gone through Youth Hostel Association. YHAI has charged 2200 for the same. This cost is nothing against what you got, but yes, it will surely frustrating for those people, who are looking for luxury package in this cost/place.

Here, you have to do everything  manually out of minimal provided facilities. There will be no lights, no separate rooms (only dormitories), no good looking washroom, no room service…………..nothing.

But what you get in return; peace of mind (guaranteed), if you are nature lover, you will surely appreciate this place, sea bathing unlimited, star filled sky (they will teach during night session, what is star gazing, how sun and moon rises, what is the fix angle for that and many more things), bird watching, Ayuvedic plant identification, shells and many more things. There is plenty of sea things available on the coast line.


For further information & booking: Mr Rajendra Jadeja     and youth hostel website

For Video:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=abf00c1b3ff5a81d&biw=1280&bih=653

**A must trip for the students**


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