You are welcome

You are welcome

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What keeps up all driving, what is missing ..................hobby list part-3

“If you want to be extraordinary and non-routine life, you have to do                        set of ordinary and routine task on daily base”

And that set of things includes:
  •          Wake up early in the morning late by 5am  ---- this one is must
  •          Thinking for goals for 45 minute                  ----- good for those who want to be businessman
  •          Work hard without any Sundays                  ---- for future businessman
  •          Plan for near future with specific goals      ----- common for all
  •          Plan your next day at night
  •          You, yourself be punctual, don’t think about others if they are not       ---- common for all
  •          Honor your words                     ----- it will create force which you will realize later
  •          Respect your mother, father and country, give time to your family also.    ----Nations comes first.
  •          Develop or cultivate one of your hobby like reading, playing, writing (what I am doing ) etc.

You take any example of successful businessman/entrepreneur/politician/scientist,  they do 90% things out of above set. Rest they have developed on their own and mentioned it in their own book.

Even you might have started exercising  some 1 or 2 from above, got initial good results and later on you discontinued it without any reason (you might have feel that it can be achievable and I will do it whenever required).  So need of the hour is:



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