You are welcome

You are welcome

Monday, March 25, 2013

One vision, one modal and want to spread it to max………………holy mother cow.

Dear Readers,

Today, I am going to write on activity in which I am fully involved. I have write one booklet also, but now, as I am involved now into practical things rather than theoretical things, I would like to share it with others also, so that it spread out to max.

Social Cause: 
Whenever any cow is aging or got any disease or stop giving milk, owner tend to sell it, which ultimately goes into butcher house.
Our  vision (problem solution):   
Make gaushala, trusts and individuals self sustainable based on cow, so that holy cow never got slaughtered.
Green Methodology, process and technology:  
1) Apart from milk, use cow urine and cow dung at max
2) concentrate more on Ghee and buttermilk selling instead of Milk.
3) Use solar energy, gobar gas technology, bullock run generator, bullock run Ghani etc.

Our Current mission:  We have almost set up one Model Gaushala where one can see how we have used cow urine, cow dung, solar energy, gobar gas and bullock.  We are making this model more and more feasible, viable so that even individual dairy farmer can also take an advantage.  With this model holy cow will definitely get a benefit which is our vision also, but individual, trust will also get more than that. 

In short, we are going to integrate natural resource (solar, wind, bullock) with  latest technology  (Solar water plants, solar cooker, biogas plant, wind energy, mechanical parts) keeping ancient practice as a base to conserve holy cow (Gaumata,Gomata). 

We have already taken step in this direction and used solar energy for making 2-3 cow products, currently which is possible through electricity or coal. Same products have been tested in laboratory also and all reports are positive. 

We have made our all rounder team which has their own domain knowledge of dairy, marketing, public involvements etc, but our team will do all basic activities at Gaushala first and then all their domain activities.
This is totally open model and we want to spread it to max. We believe that cow based farming is the only solution for the country in the long run which was practiced during ancient time. We are going to integrate this movement with organic farming also. 

Though it is contradicting with our main goal which is about to make individual, gaushala or trust self sustainable, but still we want to have it on , so that it can reach out at national level. More and more people know about it and think and act.

Those who can read Gujarati, can go through this........about us.


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