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You are welcome

Friday, April 8, 2011

I do support Hazare but not ultimately no to Hazare type candle light movement

First of all reasons, why I dont like this drama of four days at all..................

1) It is on one particular issue which is lokpal bill, it is not about to remove corruption at all, it is for prevention only................................
2) Timing of the drama.................where was he till date, was there no corruption 1 y, 2y, 3y ,4y,5y back
3) It is very good that pawar (the most corrupt guy in the Indian history) exposed in public (I think there is some rivalry between anna and pawar)
4) Why Anna is silent on other corrupt minister and on puppet (robot) prime minister himself, how can he trust Kapil Sibbal (third last in corruption list) for negotiation talk.
5) Most significant.........................How can Megha Patkar, Agnivesh, Mallika Sarabhai kind Zolachap, most psudo people can be a leading partner of this drama..................If he can show the door to Uma Bharti and Chautala why he has not shown the same door to Megha Patkar and other sudo people.
6) So can we expect the same hazare on agriculture issue after some 2000-3000 farmer death within 2-3 months just like some 3-4 big corruption scams within 3-4 months.
7) Same kind of candle light march and movement was there during Mumbai attack, what happened after that ..............nothing at all, though personally hazare is very good, simple and clean but when he got support from same candle light marchers, nothing will come out
8) It is clearly visible that Central Govt will surely accept all their demands, because they are under pressure this time, elections in multiple states, their own man clearly involved in big scams, volume of scams is sky high etc. So for show purpose also they have to do that.

Let me have readers view and have debate.

Meanwhile for my reader's information, NAMO Govt has thrown Central Govt's Income Tax dept's notice on vibrant Gujarat into the DUSTBIN in OPEN press conference.

But above all, I would like to hear Mr Kejriwal (spoke person of Anna) on news, truth and with the direct point. It was good.


Anonymous said...

I am also of the same same opinion.

It seems like a drama. Rather anti corruption movement is started by Mr. Swami & Baba Ramdev Much earlier but somehow Anna Hazare got in limelight for this.

Some how I am more convince about Baba Ramdev's stand and thought on corruption & other 5 Agenda. I am waiting for 4th June and after that what is going to be.

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