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You are welcome

Monday, December 14, 2009

NRG- non residential Gujaratis, please give direction to your charity work

Dear Non-Residential Gujaratis & NRIs,

This article is for them who gone to foreign countries thinking that let go to foreign, earn some handsome amount in dollar or pound etc & will be back within 5-6 year and then live life peacefully and serve relatives, society, Gujarat. But unfortunately the same could not be returned in 10-15-20 years.

There is no doubt they are doing for their village, their community up to some extent, but totally insufficient, otherwise there would be no poverty, illiteracy there in particular community, society. Main thing is that NRG/NRI is only interested in making one Decorated Gate at Village Entrance or bench in village garden or chawk in the name of their mother/father or beloved ones.

• When their precious time is required for encouraging young generation, they do a make a Clock Tower in their village and name it after their beloved ones and get satisfied.

• When their experience is required in guiding the community or society to perform best, they give chief guest speech and appearance and feel proud.

• When their expertise and money is required to build some assets like schools, central gober gas plant or any long term useful thing for the their own Village, they are happy in making Entrance Gate in Village and name it to their family members.

So people have to think their selves, in which direction they want to go, self-centric, family-centric OR society-centric. They all have guts and now money power to do so otherwise they cannot live in foreign country till date. So main thing now is to think beyond towers, Entrance Gates, benches and target on maximum employment generation with maximum gain to villagers. Few examples, what they can do;

• Make central Gober Gas Plant in their home village/town and surrounding 5 villages. So that there will be constant energy and fertilizer source for future, and for maintaining same employment will be also generated. Now in almost all the villages houses have cattle so it will be easy also. They need to search/research latest development in this field, import the same to their village and see it implemented and well maintained.

• Promote the local specialty business/art internationally and make more employment and prosperity. Use their foreign contacts to promote the local business/art. Adopt local SAKHI MANDAL and made them good village level business houses just like you have promoted your business in foreign land.

• Use combination of contract farming and organic farming and install latest technology in farming and make everyone involved in it more and more happier. Don’t just make farm house in villages make it farm mandir by above and also add dairy farming component in it.

• Think for whole village, community and ultimately whole society. Promote the education more and more, start from your own community and set the example. Think beyond mid day meal school schemes and design your own schemes for local school full attendance and enrolment. Government will surely support you in such things now under PPP model.

• Make whole village floored with kota stones just like 100 years back instead of RCC.

There are many such things which can make whole Gujarat better to best. Only thing needed is your support with intention like to do something for society and that also without any expectation.

Tell me, do you find there following things there;

• morning tea at tea stall where 2-3 newspapers are there and people discussing the current topics with extra joy.

• Eateries where early morning you can take phaphda, jalebi, samosa , kachori or ganthiya and people queue up for the same.

• Office friends and area friends with whom you can sit at the night or weekends and discuss how’s life going, troubles, support etc. You can play with them, arrange some local celebrations etc.

• Family relatives with whom you can share your past good memories & enjoy each and every occasion starting from God Bharai to till Besna.

• Government support in each and every thing starting from online birth certificate to become entrepreneurship with human touch, very liberal approach now, they change the laws accordingly.

• Temples like Dwarka, Somnath, Ambaji, Dakor, Shamlaji, Pavagadh, Junagadh, Ashapura, Matano Madh, Pipalav, Vadtal, Bochasan, Palitana, spread across Gujarat and tourist places like Ambaji, Abu, Mandvi, Div, Pirotan islands, saputara, Nal Sarovar, Zanzari, Narmada Dam site, Kutch Rann and many more.

• Don’t you miss festivals lime Utarayan, Vibrant Gujarat (it is now festival in Gujarat) , Holi, Shivratri, Gujarat Din (1st May), Janmashtmi, Rath Yatra, NARVATRI, Diwalli, Annakoot. Taking blessings of our elders in each festivals etc.

• Don’t you like to be a part of special Gujarat Government celebrations like 26th January, 15th August and 1St may(Gujarat Din) which are now celebrated other than Gandhinagar. Now it is celebrated in different District Headquarter each time and you will be really amazed to see festive mood during that period in that particular District. Don’t you want to see successful Vibrat Gujarat Summit, Krishi Mahotsav (every May month), Kanya Kelvani Mahotsav, Vibrant Navratri, Kutch Sharodatsav, Ranotsav, Modhera Sun Festival, Vadnagar Tanariri Mahotsav, Vibrant Navratri celebrated by Gujarat Government. Please note Govt has now whole year calendar full of activities for every department.

Now don’t compare all above things with mere things you are getting over there, like;

• Cleanliness far better from Gujarat, but tell me didn’t you played in same mitti, ret in your childhood. Cleanliness is necessary, but not a must thing, sometimes it is required to learn something. Now Guj Gov has initiated Nirmal Gujarat abhiyan and it has received good response.

• Second point you will tell that here in foreign you earn some good amount of money; but at which cost; you all know the answer. Just accept it now.

• Other point is good Government support system; It is now available here also, just come and feel it. Better life is also available here today, just visit Amdavad today and feel the changes.

• Now you will tell it is very hot in Gujarat; yes it is true, but we don’t have control over it, then also situation is changing little bit due to large scale Govt Initiatives like checkdams, boribandh, tree plantation, mangroves, open canals etc.

Now there are no more points you can tell me, and I have so many things to tell you. So just don’t think much, just give a chance to your heart over your mind and decide accordingly. Money is not the driving force you mind and your good intention is the only driving force in you. So don’t wait for enough money, just get necessary money and go for your goals with which you had left the Gujarat. You all should read Book written by Acharya Shri Vijay Ratna Sundersuriji Maharaj “Kyak ruko, Kyarek ruko” & “Lakhi Rakho Aaras ni Takti Par”. I bet you that you will surely cry during reading the book. So don’t wait to convert million into billion, come here and get joy (santosh) worth trillions by making more and more employment, educations to all.

So people who have read till this line will definitely think about it and try to do the same, but here I would like to tell you that do not only try, just make it confirm. Your decision will surely give fruits within short time. Trust my words and your heart both and see the extraordinary results. This is the best time when Gujarat is celebrating Golden Jubilee.

Please Note: I am also an IT engineer. I also aspired to do something for my community, society after earning something. I had got chance to go foreign countries, but I had given preference to my family & society. I accept that with healthy money backup it is very easy, but without it, it is not that much difficult main thing is intention. So I waited for some years and now finally chosen the second way till I create first one. I will do this kind of indirect work and motivate and lead others who can do that right away. By doing this my ultimate intention is to serve my society, Gujarat and finally India.


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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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