You are welcome

You are welcome

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hobby sharing--Biking - A tool to check your risk taking ability

Adventure, Biking, Risk and me.

First of all I would like to define me as a risky (more adventures ) biker who likes to ride bike for constantly check my risk taking ability. My romance with biking begins almost 10 years back and still continues though I have car. I like to ride it on open highway as well as in dense forest and also on the sea shore. 

Since my childhood I have a dream of riding royal Enfield or rajdoot. I have ride it so many times, but still it is far from my reach. One more dream included in thousands that I will ride my Enfield in the white rann of kutch OR/AND at Leh (with my close friend PARTH) at more than 150 speed. I ride bike risky, speed is not risky but the my judgments are risky. Like taking  70 degree turn at 40-50 speed, break at very last moment and that also if at all necessary.

Currently I have Yamaha bike, which I ride from almost 7 years without any problem. I had ridden this one into jungle also, into the heavy slopes also and in many places where normal person do not dare to drive. Just two days back, me and my wife went to our favorite spot, where I used to ride the bike at 60 speed but in dense forest like place in Gandhinagar behind Sachivalaya. Those who are from Gandhinagar will have a idea about the same.

I would like to share one of experience where I had 10 stitches and minor crack in my left leg. That was the my first job and night shifts. I used to come home by 11 PM and by the road where one big circle comes in between. Every day I used to take full speed turn at that circle, I did that for almost 1 month with variation in speed and in degree of turn and finally on one day I decided to take full 90 degree turn with 40KM speed at the same place. There was a slight misjudgment from my side and simply collide with the circle concrete wall. There was no person nearby 2 KM area, I know that whatever I have to, I have to do it by own. Though I had severe cut and crack in my right leg (where we used to kick), I kicked the bike, ride the bike and reach my home (which is 3KM away). Then by reaching home, my brother immediately took me to the hospital and stitched. 

But still I used to take same turns at same speed whenever I got chance. My wife DHARA, after 8 years of marriage, still fears when I take a turn, I take this as positive sign that still charm is there. Whomever sits beside me on my bike either does not want to sit next time or love to sit every time. One more memorable experience of biking is to ride the bike on seashore (at Dumas with Dipak Lad on his bike).

So biking is like fun, risk, adventures to me, I find any one form with every ride and that makes me happier though I have back pain(during long rides) problem.

Will share other experience/experiments with bike/car in future posts. You are welcome to share your experiences.You can visit for more experience of biking.



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